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3 Key Steps for Promoting Your Brand Online | NewReputation

Kevin James Curran
Nov 3, 2019 1:48:06 AM

In today's digital age, professionals are searching for unique and powerful platforms to brand themselves. Online social media platforms such as Google, LinkedIn and Facebook have become ideal place to showcase your brand, achievements, and personal life.


It has become essential for professionals to have an online brand to advance in your career. Having an online brand connects you with your audience and allows you to position you as a leader in your industry.


Digital reach is important in helping you build your personal brand within your network, connect with your audience, and opening up new career opportunities. If you are not recognized through a referral by a friend or family member, it is very possible that another candidate with a stronger online presence will attract the company you are interested in. So how do you ensure that you are maximizing your online brand?

Here are 3 Key Steps for Promoting Your Brand Online.

1. Choose the right platform

There are many social media options online for you to promote yourself. However, each social platform has a unique audience. For example, if you are a content creator, you will benefit from social media platforms such as tumbler or digg.


A new company or a young professional would probably benefit more from LinkenIn to help build relationships and showcase their talents. If you are looking to build a trusted online brand, you should set up a social media account on the platform where your audience is most relevant.



2. Increase your online visibility

Your online profile can connect you with businesses and customers all over the world. Therefore, having a well written and detailed profile that describes your accomplishments and career aspirations is important to increasing your visibility.


Highlighting your key achievements not only helps to enhance your value, but can also position you as a expert in your industry. However, always be honest and truthful about your knowledge and accomplishments. If appear to be exaggerating your achievements you may be called out by your audience. Which could damage your reputation and credibility.


It is important for your online brand personality to be authentic in order to establish credibility. Third-party endorsements are perceived as the most independent and trusted source, so ask your connections to write you a testimonial or recommendation to improve your credibility.


Young lady reading a book with multimedia icons coming out of the book


3. Become a thought leader

People follow thought leaders because they inspire and are able to provide compelling and thought-provoking viewpoints. To become a thought leader, you must first be established as a expert in your own field. Therefor, you must position yourself as an expert.


Answer questions and comment on topics that you are knowledgeable about and familiar with. Do not be afraid to provide a different perspective that may challenge others to spark a healthy debate. However, being a thought leader does not necessarily mean that you can only share your viewpoint on topics that you are most familiar with. Stay curious and ask the right questions, even for subjects that you are not as knowledgeable about.


This demonstrates that you have a keen learning attitude and are willing to participate in discussions that are outside of your comfort zone. Not only will you get to learn from other subject matter experts, you would also have formed connections with people from other areas of expertise and gain new insights through different perspectives.


Businessman using smartphone against dating website


Here are some bonus tips to increase your online presence

1. Join a community

Join LinkedIn and Facebook communities and groups that are related to what you do to connect with new acquaintances and keep up with the latest news and trends within your industry. People working in similar professional fields from around the world will have the opportunity to know you better, and know where to find you if they ever need your professional opinion or advice.

2. Stay engaged

Building a network is not a numbers game. Merely having a large number of contacts or joining hundreds of groups is not enough, especially if you do not have meaningful connections with your network. You need to step up to constantly share relevant content and insights with your network to develop meaningful relationships.


Make the first move by posting your opinion on the latest news or your thoughts on industry trends. Building a successful online profile is hard work. Make use of your commuting time to engage with the online community via your mobile phone or tablet.


When you dedicate time to offer something of value to your network, you will essentially be growing your online brand and extending your reach to other like-minded professionals. Having a notable professional online profile creates opportunities that you didn’t think would exist.

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