Busted Mugshots Removal Options: De-Index and Suppression

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Mar 13, 2022 11:00:05 AM

Busted Mugshots is an online website that publishes mugshots on the internet for public viewing. Similar websites exist across the world with no regard for the privacy or the reputation of individuals, even those who have committed very small or negligible misdemeanors.


If you are reading this article there is a high chance that you have faced this sort of harassment from the website. Busted Mugshots publishes booking photographs on the internet even when the charges of some individuals have been long overturned. This article is here to help you with certain busted mugshots removal options that are available and that can help you get your booking photographs off the internet once and for all.


Thousands of people have complained about how the problem hasn't been resolved despite their removal requests to this website. This is a huge breach of online privacy and security.


Busted Mugshots will require you to share sensitive court documents with them for removal. Do you trust these people with your private court documents? They could easily repost or sell this information to other data brokers and mugshot websites.


Let's look at some busted mugshot removal options.


The negative results of a mugshot


It is always a liability when negative search results come up against your name online. These can be due to complaints or false allegations made by an ex-employee/employer, a friend, ex-spouse, or in this case, busted mugshots. These can have devastating effects on your professional and personal life.


There have been many cases where the mugshot of individuals has gone viral on the internet, even when the persons have committed no crime. This directly translates to a miserable state of affairs. Even if you have been wrongfully accused and arrested for something, your mugshots are made public by busted mugshots.

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This can cause immense stress for people whose photographs go viral among social circles. Thus, you should be aware of some of the busted mugshots removal options.

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Busted Mugshots Removal Policies


Busted mugshots claim “to help make crime awareness part of your everyday life in keeping yourself and your family safe- just the same as locking your doors, setting your alarms, protecting your identity, hugging your kids, etc.”. They write further that the company shares data related to “crime incident, sex offender registry, and arrest information”.


While all these words might appeal to people who are concerned about their safety in an increasingly unsafe world, the truth is that the website circulates pictures of anybody who has been arrested. Hence, while it includes serious offenders, it also includes people whose charges have been ultimately dropped or overturned.


This is where busted mugshots removal policies come into the picture. You might wonder if it is possible to remove these images of yourself from the face of the internet. Unfortunately, this is not entirely possible. Once the mugshot is leaked, it spreads on the internet like wildfire.


Before we provide our suggestions, it is important that you know how to deal with a scenario where you are questioned regarding a mugshot. You need to have an explanation in place along with evidence to back your own claims.


There is, however, one method that you can use to get rid of the mugshot image; this is called image suppression.

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Push down a mugshot on Google


One of the best ways to ensure busted mugshots removal is image suppression. This not only removes the image from the face of the internet forever but also allows you the opportunity to publish images of your choice with your side of the story. While there are many ways to suppress images, the most common way to do it is this:


1) Build a base of positive profiles

It is very important to build a positive and impactful reputation on the internet. If you use social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc., ensure that you make posts that portray you as a strong and respectable individual. This is important if you wish to maintain a good online reputation. It is a crucial step towards busted mugshots removal.


2) Share new photos online

To maintain a positive reputation online, ensure that you share or make public photographs of yourself that are flattering or that people might find interesting.


3) Label files carefully

Make sure that the file of images you are sharing is labeled correctly with your name and other details that you wish to make public.


4) Share it across popular social media platforms

With the advancement of technology today, you no longer have to rely on simply photo-sharing sites. Various social media websites are available to get the task done. Just as busted mugshots upload negative images of you to gain traction, you can use the same strategy by posting photos that portray you in a positive light and build an excellent reputation online. This will allow people to make a favorable assessment of you.


5) Ensure all information is recorded as meta-data

This is a crucial tactic that is relevant to busted mugshots removal to ensure that all the information that you upload makes it to the metadata. To do this you need to fill out all the meta descriptions asked for. Frame comprehensive and concise, well-written descriptions with the correct tags.


6) Generate regular profile activity

Do not think that simply sharing all the images and descriptions will ensure busted mugshots removal. You have to actively share and reshare these things on the internet using different social media platforms.


Final Thoughts


There are several other ways you can ensure busted mugshots removal. One of these is submitting a takedown request to Google. Your images will be de-indexed and difficult to find online. This will, however, not guarantee the removal of the mugshots.


If you find your mugshot posted on Busted Mugshots, start the process of online reputation repair. Image suppression is a useful tactic that allows you to control the effect these negative mugshots have on your life. By partnering with NewReputation, our team provides a layer of protection, while working with the mugshot website as well as Google to get the image removed from search results. If your time is valuable, contact us today to expedite this process for you.

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