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Are You Eligible For Wikipedia?

Jun 6, 2021 9:28:46 PM

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is home to over 4.5 million articles in over 200 languages. Volunteers collaboratively make these articles. They can also edit any page online or translate it into another language. Wikipedia strives to provide factual, verifiable information online. This informs its policies towards creating new Wiki pages.

If you would like to make a page about yourself or our brand, there are a few requirements that you must meet. If your Wikipedia page does not meet any of the qualifications below, people or bots will remove your page as soon as it goes live. Here is a quick look at salient requirements.

Are You or Your Brand Notable?

Your information must have been written by reliable sources before creating a Wikipedia page. The article could be a biography or an interview with a reputable author.

Besides, you must be the title of the article and not just mentioned. The article must be remarkable, worthy of notice, and interesting enough to deserve attention.

Therefore, you cannot just create a page about yourself and refer to it when creating your wiki page.

Wikipedia Page

There Must Be Several References about You

Wikipedia looks at the number of your references as much as it looks at the quality. Several references should collaborate similar information about you. These references form sources where readers can find reliable facts about you.

Here is an example; Elon Reeve Musk is the founder and CEO of SpaceX. This statement must have at least two verifiable sources that allude to these facts. The references may be a government website, a respected publication, or a reliable review page.

What are Reliable Sources?

According to Wikipedia, a primary source does not constitute a reliable source. Primary sources are pages by the subject of the Wiki page, such as a press release, patents, own website, or social media page. Wikipedia does not consider itself a reliable reference source.

Reliable sources are third-party articles that are known to check facts for accuracy. They are referred to as secondary sources. They may include reputable news sites, scholarly articles, and articles that reference various reliable sources.

Do References Have Their Wiki Pages?

Having a Wikipedia page over above being a reliable source adds some positive points to a reference.

For example, a news site that has written an article about you may have its Wiki page stating what it is and does. It means that the reference is a notable site and a reputable source. Unfortunately, a few references that have wiki pages are still considered not reliable.

For example, a while back, a team of Wikipedia administrators decried that Fox News was no longer a reliable source for its skewed reporting of scientific and political news. If such is used as a reference, the information must be found elsewhere on the internet.

Bad Wikipedia References

Some of the bad Wikipedia references include the following:

  • Self-published materials
  • Self-publishing sites such as blogging sites, Medium.com, and social media pages
  • PR Newswire
  • Amazon reviews (and most product review sites)
  • ResearchGate
  • Tabloid journalism



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