The Best Employee Value Proposition Examples in 2023

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Feb 19, 2021 11:36:59 AM

Employee value propositions (EVPs) are an essential part of any work because they let prospective and current employees know what to expect to get out of working there.


In short, employee value proposition components include letting employees know the following:


  • What's expected of them (in terms of company culture and the type of workers you're hoping to attract)
  • How you'll reward them for their work (with uncapped earning potential or a healthy work-life balance)


Attracting the right staff requires just as many marketing savvy techniques as attracting customers. Remember to remember prospective employees' pain points and let them know how you're different from other employers. A compelling EVP will do just that.


Let's look at some excellent employee value proposition examples that got it right.




You may have noticed now that many of our top employee value proposition examples belong to online companies. Hubspot is no exception - its EVP will excite any job-seeker.


The company's Careers page lists:


  • "There's no inner circle. Everyone from the C-suite to interns shares information, knowledge, and ideas.
  • Everyone's empowered to work autonomously. We trust amazing people to do extraordinary things.
  • Hubspot celebrates diverse perspectives. Different perspectives make HubSpot a better company.
  • Hubspot treats employees like people, not line items. "Employees are whole people with families, hobbies, and lives outside work."


The Hubspot team fosters growth at an individual and personal level rather than focusing only on business objectives. No idea is wrong; when employees know their ideas will be heard and not criticized, they are more likely to propose something that could develop into an excellent new procedure or business plan.


For even more on how Hubspot treats its employees, look at the detailed Hubspot Culture Code.




Since the outside world laid eyes on Netflix's internal "Reference Guide on our Freedom & Responsibility Culture," the company has been lauded for its phenomenal efforts to keep its employees happy and productive.


The company has a whole page dedicated to company culture, which they sum up with the following:


"Like all great companies, we strive to hire the best and value integrity, excellence, respect, inclusion, and collaboration. What is special about Netflix, though, is how much we:


  • encourage independent decision-making by employees
  • share information openly, broadly, and deliberately
  • are extraordinarily candid with each other
  • keep only our highly effective people
  • "avoid rules"


One noteworthy and envy-instilling value proposition example is their lack of a vacation policy - they tell employees to take the time they need.




Squarespace values community and makes a point of compensating employees well. The company provides a robust benefits package, weekly happy hours, and donation matching, among other things.


But our favorite value proposition example is how they handle work-life balance. According to Squarespace's Careers page:


"We believe that quality time outside the office is vital to our employees' satisfaction at work. That's why our flexible PTO plan encourages team members to take time off so they can come back refreshed. Employees also get two free lifetime Squarespace sites to pursue their creative passions and side hustles."


It's easy for a company to claim that they value employees as well-rounded people. But Squarespace's employee value proposition is a perfect example that follows through on what they promise.


Candidates applying for a job here know they won't be expected to give up their lives outside of work for the sake of their careers.


We can all agree that having a work-life balance is essential to our overall health and work productivity.




Many companies reward employees with monetary compensation and benefits packages. Still, some take it a step further to ensure that the culture they're creating is positive. Monetary compensation can't ultimately make up for a poor work environment, and Yelp knows that.


One of Yelp's core values is diversity, which, of course, goes hand-in-hand with inclusion. The company goes out of its way to promote both diversity and inclusion in its workforce, saying:


"Authenticity is our ​​​​​​​greatest strength."


"We believe magic happens when people with diverse perspectives and experiences bring their full selves to work. Join the next generation of diverse leaders in tech at Yelp and help us make our product the best it can be."


Yelp employees enjoy company events, access to affinity groups, and the invitation to be their authentic selves. Their employee value proposition example clearly shows they understand that a happy workforce that feels heard and accepted is productive.




Food Service jobs are known for being thankless and low paying. But now and then, you stumble across a restaurant that understands the importance of paying employees a livable wage and treating them respectfully while encouraging them to do better.


&Pizza is one such company, with an employee proposition example that lays out what someone can expect when they work there:


"A strict No Ceiling policy means there is no limit to how high you can go. We don't see &pizza as a job but as a career. And we don't see a person as a mechanized robot with limitations destined to fill a certain role; we see you as YOU. An individual. Who you are now and who you want to be. So start your journey today, and see how far you can go."


It's refreshing to see a food service establishment that understands how much work goes into providing delicious meals and rewards its employees for taking on the challenge. Aside from this, they offer an inspirational message to those who may feel mediocre in their work line. Stating that a person can exceed society's expectations gives them the courage to do so.


Trader Joe's


Trader Joe's has a reputation for offering employees a pleasant working environment. It's easy for retail workers to feel like the people at the top don't care. Trader Joe's EVP is a beautiful example of a company that goes out of its way to make sure employees feel heard and respected.


 Their career page sums up their EVP by breaking it down into:


  • Compensation: Excellent pay and benefits, store discounts, tenured PTO, retirement plan
  • Opportunity: multiple training, development, and promotion opportunities
  • Culture: flexible scheduling, diverse staff, store-level decision making


Trader Joe's well-rounded employee value proposition example explains why job openings don't last long at this grocer - people fill positions as soon as they open because they know they'll be treated right there. This is essential to finding and keeping great employees.




According to Canva's career page, "Every team at Canva works like a startup, a close-knit group working together towards a common goal." This sets them apart from other large corporations, where getting lost in the shuffle is easy. A close-knit group builds mutual respect, thus resulting in more fluid and efficient work.


The company's incredible EVPs include:


  • In-house chefs
  • Free fitness studio membership
  • Dozens of clubs and sports
  • Learning opportunities, mentorship, and a conference budget to promote growth
  • Generous relocation budget


Given all Canva does to foster a healthy, respectful, and diverse work environment, we believe them when they say, "Be part of something big. We've got a huge mission, an incredible team, and amazing growth. But it's not just about Canvas growth; it's about yours."


It's clear to everyone who applies that if you work at Canva, you can expect to get fantastic treatment in return for quality work, which is how it should be.




As you can see, well-thought-out employee value propositions convey a strong sense of a company's culture in just a few short words. Take the time to write an EVP that accurately reflects your business before you go any further in your search for the perfect candidate. You're far more likely to attract people who share your company's values.


If you're a job seeker, try writing a personal value proposition using examples, which will tell prospective employers what makes you different from other candidates.

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