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How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

Feb 22, 2021 3:35:11 PM

Regardless of how great a subscription may be, there may come a time when you need to part with it.


Whether it's because the service no longer works for you or because you can't afford it anymore, canceling subscriptions is common. 


However, knowing how to cancel a subscription for a particular service can be difficult, depending on the website's layout. 


LinkedIn is an excellent platform for gaining business, marketing yourself, and advancing your career. Over the years, LinkedIn has gained a lot of popularity, leading to an expansion of services you can subscribe to. 


This has also expanded to cancelingedIn the Premium subscription easily.


What is LinkedIn Premium?


LinkedIn Premium is a monthly service you can use to expand your personal LinkedIn profile.


With LinkedIn Premium, you will receive access to certain features, including learning courses, InMail messaging, and help with preparing for interviews. You will also see who views your profile to help you understand who is in your field of work. 


If you have a business profile on LinkedIn, you will gain access to the same tools you can use to expand your business. Members who qualify will access a free trial for LinkedIn Premium. 


How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium And Get A Refund


As great as LinkedIn Premium is, there may be many reasons that you will want to cancel your subscription. 


Whatever your reasoning is, canceling your subscription with LinkedIn is pretty straightforward. The following steps will cover how to cancel LinkedIn Premium. 


The Me Icon


The first step in canceling your subscription is accessing your LinkedIn profile's "me" section. 


This section will allow you to manage your profile, including your subscriptions.


Access My Premium


Once you click on the "me" section, a drop-down menu appears. 


In the drop-down menu, click "access my premium," and it will prompt you to hit the "manage premium account" button on the right-hand side of the page. After clicking the button, it will redirect you to the settings page for your subscription. 


Canceling Your Subscription 


Now that you are in your subscription settings, you will be given the option to cancel your subscription. You will be given a series of prompts to follow to complete the cancellation. 


When you cancel our subscription, you can still access the LinkedIn Premium tools until your next renewal date. After your next renewal date, you will no longer be a member of LinkedIn Premium. 


LinkedIn Cancel Premium with Refund on Mobile


To cancel your subscription, you must access your LinkedIn profile from either a desktop or mobile device. However, you won't be able to cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription from the LinkedIn mobile app. 


What Happens After Cancelling Your Subscription?


Once you have canceled your LinkedIn Premium, you will keep access to the premium features until the end of your billing cycle. 


Once the billing cycle has expired, you will return to the standard LinkedIn profile that you started with. When you lose access to premium tools, you will also lose the information gathered with those tools. 


You can no longer use learning courses or interview preparations and need to see who has viewed your profile. You can still apply for jobs and connect with other LinkedIn members. 


Your profile will remain essentially the same, and you can still use the search function. It will no longer be unlimited, however. 


Are There Other Options?

While canceling your LinkedIn Premium may be the best option, in the long run, options are available if you are still deciding whether to give up all that LinkedIn offers. 


If you are looking to save money, you can downgrade from LinkedIn Premium to Premium Career. The Premium Career option offers similar tools but has a lower monthly price. 


LinkedIn Learning


Suppose you are looking to expand upon your current skills for your field of work. In that case, LinkedIn offers a subscription known as LinkedIn Learning. When subscribed to LinkedIn Learning, you can access countless learning courses to help you build skills for your resume and career. 


Can You Get A LinkedIn Sales Navigator Refund?


With the Sales Navigator subscription, you will have access to various tools that can help you increase your business through LinkedIn.


Using the Sales Navigator, you will communicate with those with whom you are not connected, allowing you to get more leads. 


It will also give you recommendations for leads, and you can save tips to keep a list of who to follow and who to leave alone. 


However, this service does not have the option of a refund.


Recruiter Lite


The Recruiter Lite subscription will give you the tools to help you recruit talent for your business. You will track who has viewed your profile and message up to 30 people without being connected to them. 


Final Words


With this blog post, we hope you can easily cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription. However, if you have any more questions, you can visit the LinkedIn help page for more information. 

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