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How To Permanently Cancel or Delete Your Spotify Account

Mar 23, 2021 2:23:17 PM

Spotify is one of the trending streaming services, with millions of paying users. Having had an experience with streaming services, there are several reasons that would make me delete my account. 

One is the fact that the streaming platforms tend to strain internet connection, especially if it is already slow. Note that the service generates significant traffic, making your connectivity slow, hindering you from engaging in other online activities.

The other reason that would make one delete their Spotify account is the presence of an alternative service, high costs, or just wanting to protect your online privacy


Deleting your Spotify account

Before you get started, it is essential to note what happens after the deletion of an account. You will lose all the saved music; you will lose your followers and playlist, and also, you will not be able to use the username in another Spotify account. 

If you are closing a Spotify premium student account, note that it will take you another full year before applying for the same account for discounts.

Steps for deleting a Spotify account

1) Go to the customer support page

The first step would be to head to the customer support page by clicking on Contact Customer Support. On this page, you will see the “Account” option. On clicking the account category, you will be prompted to another page. On this page, click on the "I want to close my Spotify account permanently" option.

2) Close the account

This new page will have the option of permanently closing the account. Click on ”Close Account.” On clicking this, you will again be redirected to another page. It will have the topic “We’re sad you want to leave us.” 

This page will still have a “Close Account.” 

button, click on it.

 delete spotify


3) Confirm that you want to close the account

Spotify will open another page once you click the close account button. This will require you to confirm that it is the account you want to close. You will see your account information from your user name, email address, subscription type, playlists, and followers. 

At the bottom of the page, there is a “continue” button. Click on it to confirm the deletion and to proceed with the process. 

4) Confirm you understand the repercussions of deleting the account

Spotify will prompt you to another page highlighting what will happen once your account is deleted. Read through the page, and if you are still determined to close the account, click “Confirm” at the bottom of the page. 

5) Confirm account deletion in your email

On clicking confirm again, an account deletion confirmation email will be sent to your account. Open the link sent to your email and click on the “Close My Account” button. Note that this should be done within 24 hours, lest you will have to start the whole process again. 

Once everything has been completed, your account will be deleted, and you will not be able to use the username again. However, the same email address can register a new account in the future.


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