How to Remove Personal Information from Bing Search Results

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Aug 17, 2022 3:04:40 PM

Bing was launched in June 2009. The search engine was developed and maintained by Microsoft, the creator of Internet Explorer. 


Internet Explorer is a web browser that comes as standard on Microsoft products. Replaced by Microsoft Edge, they use Bing as the default search engine. 


After gaining market share when first launched, today Bing controls less than 3% of the search engine market.


This still makes Bing the second most popular search engine behind Google with over 1 Billion visitors each month. 


Yes, people still use Bing. Mainly because they don’t want or know how to switch the default browser that came with their Microsoft computer. 


If you have “Binged” yourself and found some personal information such as your home address, this can be very concerning. In this article, we will discuss how to remove personal information from Bing search results. 


Bing Yourself


Even if you have taken the time to work with Google to remove personal information, it can still be visible on Bing. The first thing you want to do is conduct a search and collect any information that you want to be removed. 


Once you have identified the personal information, it is time to learn what Bing will remove. 


A look into Microsoft’s policy will tell you what you need to know. 


What Information will Bing Remove?


Bing’s guidelines state:


Bing cannot control what websites publish and which sites appear in search results. The removal of a website from search results doesn't remove it from the internet. You can still find the site by visiting the URL. The best way to remove content from a site is to contact its webmaster and ask that it be removed.


Not all websites will be removed from search results if you report a problem. Bing removes search results only if they meet certain conditions or circumstances. This ensures that our users have the right information.


This means that the best way to ensure the removal of search results from Bing is to contact the website owner. However, we all know this is not always possible. Either because the publisher refuses, or they do not have accurate contact information on their website. 


The topics that Bing will remove are as follows:


  • A broken link or outdated page
  • Intellectual property (copyright, trademark, sale of counterfeit goods)
  • Child sexual exploitation and abuse imagery ("child pornography")
  • Offensive material
  • My private information (intimate or sexual imagery, credit card numbers, passwords)
  •  Minor child image(s) of me or someone I am legally authorized to represent
  • I have a court order
  • Malicious pages (phishing, malware)
  • I have another concern


It is apparent that Bing does not share the same disdain for websites posting your home address as Google does. The guidelines do not specifically address the concern.


File a Bing Removal Request


Once you select your concern, you need to file a report of your findings to Bing. 

Bing removal


Make the report as detailed as possible and highlight the content in a screenshot so they can locate the information easily. 


Use the Bing Removal Tool


Removing content from Bing using the Bing Removal Tool is a straightforward process that empowers you to manage your online presence effectively. If you come across outdated, irrelevant, or sensitive information linked to your name, utilizing this tool can help you regain control. 


Visit the Bing Removal request page:


Follow the prompts and fill out the report to the best of your ability. 

Bing removal request

Bing will send a confirmation email that they have received your request. They will also reiterate that the best way to remove information from Bing is to contact the website owner directly. 


Get help to remove information from Bing


We understand that dealing with Bing can be stressful. That is why NewReputation is available to help you remove personal information from Bing search results. We have successfully removed hundreds of pieces of content permanently. Although not everything can be removed, we will provide a Free analysis of your search results and provide a timeline, cost estimate, and removal strategy. Contact NewReputation today to learn more.

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