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5 Compelling Reasons to Hire a PPC Consultant

Oct 3, 2023 12:27:32 PM

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become a powerful tool for businesses looking to expand their online presence and drive revenue.

However, managing a successful PPC campaign requires expertise, time, and a deep understanding of the constantly evolving digital marketing landscape. This is where a PPC consultant comes into play.

We'll explore why hiring a PPC consultant is a smart investment, how they can maximize your ROI, and what questions to ask when considering a consultant for your business.

The ROI of PPC Advertising

Before we dive into the benefits of hiring a PPC consultant, let's highlight one of the most persuasive reasons to invest in PPC advertising: the potential for a remarkable return on investment (ROI).

According to industry data, PPC advertising offers an average ROI of 200%. This means that for every dollar you invest in PPC advertising, you can expect to earn $2 in revenue.

However, achieving this level of ROI requires not just throwing money into PPC campaigns but a strategic and data-driven approach that only a skilled PPC consultant can provide.

1. Market Research, Planning, and Strategy

Effective PPC advertising begins with meticulous market research and a well-thought-out strategy. A PPC consultant brings valuable insights into your industry, competitors, and target audience. They conduct thorough keyword research to identify your campaign's most relevant and high-performing keywords. With this research, they can create a strategic plan that aligns with your business goals.

Additionally, a PPC consultant can help you identify the best platforms for your ads, whether Google Ads, Bing Ads, or social media advertising. They understand the nuances of each platform and can tailor your strategy accordingly. By having a solid plan in place, you'll maximize the efficiency of your PPC campaigns from the outset.

2. Ad Copywriting that Converts

Compelling ad copy is the linchpin of a successful PPC campaign. A PPC consultant is well-versed in the art of ad copywriting. They know how to craft attention-grabbing headlines and persuasive ad descriptions that entice users to click. Moreover, they understand the importance of aligning ad copy with keywords and landing pages to ensure a seamless user experience.

A well-written ad attracts clicks and prequalifies users, leading to higher conversion rates. Your PPC consultant will continually optimize and A/B test ad copy to refine your messaging and drive better results over time.

3. Time Savings

Running a successful PPC campaign is a time-consuming endeavor. It involves ongoing monitoring, adjustments, and analysis to ensure your ads perform at their best. 

Consider this: the average cost per lead across industries is approximately $40.74, according to Google Ads benchmarks for overall averages in 2022.

Hiring a PPC consultant allows you to delegate the day-to-day management of your PPC campaigns, freeing up your time to focus on other critical aspects of your business. With their expertise, they can efficiently navigate the complexities of paid advertising, ultimately saving you time and resources.

4. Testing and Reporting

Successful PPC campaigns rely on data-driven decision-making. A PPC consultant will continuously monitor and analyze campaign performance, tracking essential metrics such as cost per lead, click-through rate, conversion rate, and return on investment (ROI). They use this data to make informed adjustments to your campaigns, optimizing them for better results.

Regular reporting is a crucial part of the process. Your consultant will provide detailed reports highlighting key performance indicators, giving you a clear picture of how your ad spend translates into results. This transparency allows for informed discussions and helps you understand the tangible benefits of your PPC investment.

5. Experience and Expertise

Navigating the world of PPC advertising can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. It's akin to learning a new language, and mistakes can be costly. By hiring a PPC consultant, you're tapping into their years of experience and expertise. They've managed numerous campaigns across various industries and deeply understand what works and what doesn't.

Furthermore, if you're considering taking on PPC management in-house, working with a consultant can be an invaluable learning experience. They can mentor your team, impart best practices, and help you build the skills necessary to manage PPC effectively down the line.

Questions to Ask Your Prospective PPC Consultant:

When considering hiring a PPC consultant, make sure to ask them these important questions:

  1. Are you Google-certified? Certification demonstrates that they have a fundamental understanding of Google Ads and are up-to-date with its features and best practices.
  2. Do you offer a free assessment? Many consultants offer an initial assessment of your current PPC campaigns to identify areas for improvement.
  3. Who will own the account? Clarify who will have control and access to your PPC account. You should maintain ownership and control over your campaigns.
  4. Will you provide ongoing account management or solely look after the setup? Determine whether they will handle the entire campaign lifecycle, from setup to ongoing management and optimization.
  5. How do you measure success, and what are the deliverables? Understand how they define success, whether it's based on increased traffic, conversions, or other key performance indicators. Establish clear deliverables and expectations.
  6. Are you familiar with Google Analytics? Proficiency in Google Analytics is crucial for tracking and analyzing the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Contact NewReputation: Your Trusted Partner in PPC Success

When it comes to PPC advertising, hiring a consultant can be a game-changer for your business. It's an investment in expertise, efficiency, and a higher ROI.

So, if you're ready to take your PPC campaigns to the next level and reap the rewards of digital advertising, don't hesitate to contact NewReputation. Our team of seasoned PPC consultants is here to help you achieve your advertising goals and drive growth for your business.

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