7 Key Points for Senior Living Reputation Management

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Dec 10, 2022 2:01:47 PM

Do you want your senior living facility to stand out? Want to learn how to address your senior living reputation management? Then you've come to the right place.


The goal of online senior living reputation management is to assist communities in presenting their best face online while reaping the benefits of a comprehensive strategy. With a strong, positive online image, you can clearly show prospects and their families why your facility is your area's top senior living destination.


According to research, 81% of consumers conduct online research before purchasing. Therefore, whether it's with seniors, their grown children, referrals, or potential partners, the integrity and validity of your senior living brand and services can impact running a thriving senior living community today.


Managing your senior living reputation online is not easy. It requires hard work and technical knowledge for senior living marketing. Luckily, we have highlighted 7 key points for senior living reputation management. 


What Exactly is Senior Living Reputation Management?


Senior living reputation management is one of the essential senior living marketing strategies. It is the way of checking your online senior living brand, comment threads on the senior care services you provide, beliefs of your senior living community, and your senior care community's perception.


A recent study by Search Engine Journal found that your online reputation and customer reviews are just as important as personal recommendations and word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, having the best possible reputation, both online and offline, is not just good for a senior living community; it's an absolute requirement.

Senior Living Management

7 Key Points for Senior Living Reputation Management


So, what course of action should you take? A comprehensive senior living reputation management strategy should include the following key components.


  • SEO Dominance  


When people enter your company's name into a search engine, your webpage should be the first ranking they see. Set up key social profiles, including, most importantly, a LinkedIn page. Moreover, to exude authority, you should also seek to appear notably in search results for key industry search terms. The more often clients see your brand in search results, the more likely they will regard you as a major player.



  • Brand Monitoring


People may be talking about your brand online, so keep an eye on it. Whatever the number, it is critical that you remain aware of what people say about you. You may be required to respond to false stories, deal with an upset customer, or immediately reply to an unanswered question.


  • Social media public relations 


One important aspect of brand management is projecting a good perception to your customers, potentials, referral sources, and employees. Social media is an excellent platform for doing so, as it allows you to develop your desired public persona. Make an effort to establish yourself as an authority or thought leader in your field.


  • Brand Advocacy


In today's senior living world, having positive endorsements of your community and staff go viral is a great way to get a great return on your investment in excellent service and care. You must maintain relationships with your best customers and referral sources. They will undoubtedly be your best advocates and marketers.


  • Recommendations and Reviews  


Every business is open to criticism, and the digital facility provides the ideal platform for such voices. That can be a good thing for most businesses. But not every company is blessed enough to have a long list of positive customer reviews. As a result, you should prioritize resolving any query or issues your customers might face. This will help you to avoid any negative reviews for your platform.


  •  Culture and Customer Service


It is critical to understand the significance of customer service for senior living marketing. Every interaction with a customer or supplier must be evaluated and communicated internally. Consider setting goals for customer service representatives and actively promoting the value of your company's reputation internally.


  •  Negative Public Relations Management 


Some negative feedback from customers is almost certainly unavoidable. What matters is how your community reacts to it and how quickly it does so. Never underestimate the value of rapid service recovery.




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1.    Why does your reputation matter?

Your online reputation is directly related to the health of your company. People turn to the internet to get advice about where and what to buy.

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NewReputation strategically buries unfavorable search results in Google to shape your narrative. They are the best reputation repair company to increase positive online visibility.

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