Troubleshooting Why Aren't My Google Reviews Showing Up?

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Sep 27, 2023 12:27:17 PM

You made a promise to that exceptional online reputation management firm that has gone above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.


Despite your reluctance to leave a digital footprint, you decided to share your feelings and leave a Google review. You carefully composed your words, expressing your gratitude for their outstanding service.


After hitting the "post" button, it all seemed well on your end—the review showed as published. However, there's a hitch. When you check the public view, there's no trace of your review.


What could be the problem?


Before you let panic set in, Google has a review process to maintain its "platform's professionalism and integrity." The review process can take a few days, leaving your contribution in limbo.


Google uses a combination of machine learning and human moderators to fight unhelpful contributions to their platform. For most people, unhelpful content is subjective.


In a blog post shared by Google, they explained:


"We use automated detection systems, including machine learning models, that scan the millions of contributions we receive each day to detect and remove policy-violating content. In the case of fake reviews, our systems check every review before it gets published on Google Maps, looking for signs of fake content. Our machine learning models watch out for specific words and phrases, examine patterns in the types of content an account has contributed in the past, and can detect suspicious review patterns."


This article will explore the common reasons behind this issue and provide solutions to ensure your reviews are visible to the world.


Google Maps vs. Google My Business


When leaving reviews on Google, it's essential to understand the distinction between Google Maps and Google My Business.


Google My Business is tailored for business reviews, providing a platform for customers to share their experiences with specific businesses or services.


On the other hand, Google Maps includes everything from parks and landmarks to restaurants and stores. Therefore, if you're looking to leave a review for a business, Google My Business is the platform, while Google Maps is the place to review various other types of locations. (Like non brick and mortar locations). 


Why Aren't My Google Reviews Showing Up?


Google employs a review filtering system to maintain the integrity of its review platform. (Using both AI and Human Moderators)


As a result, legitimate reviews can sometimes get caught in this filter, causing them not to display.


Here are some common reasons:


1. The Review Is Pending Approval


Google reviews may show up after a period of time because they go through a review process to check for violations of Google's review policies. This process typically takes a few days. Be patient; your review should appear once it's approved.


2. Lack of Sufficient Content


Google may not display short or content-less reviews. Ensure that your review provides valuable information about your experience and is not too brief.


3. Too Many Reviews Posted at Once


If several reviews are submitted from the same IP address in a short period, Google may flag them as spam. This can happen unintentionally in workplaces or public Wi-Fi networks. Encourage reviewers to leave reviews from their own devices.


4. Violation of Google's Review Policies


Reviews that violate Google's policies, such as fake reviews, offensive content, or conflicts of interest, may be removed or hidden. Ensure your reviews adhere to these guidelines


Keep in mind that Google reviews are specifically targeted towards local businesses. The proximity of the reviewer's location can play a factor in its authenticity, which means that reviews from another country for a local bakery would not be relevant. 


How to See My Google Reviews (PC)


If your reviews aren't showing up, verifying whether they are actually posted is crucial.


Follow these steps to see your Google reviews:


1. Open Google Maps


Launch the Google Maps app on your mobile device or visit Google Maps on your computer.

Launch Google Maps to find my reviews

2. Select the Three Lines (Hamburger Menu)


Select the sidebar menu to see your contributions.

Launch Google Maps to find my reviews step 2

3. Scroll Down to Reviews


Scroll down the page to the "Reviews" section. Here, you will find all the reviews posted by your profile.

Launch Google Maps to find my reviews step 3

My Google Reviews on Mobile


Accessing Google reviews on mobile devices is straightforward. Follow these steps:


1. Open the Google Maps App


Launch the Google Maps app on your mobile device.


2. Select "Contribute" Tab


Select the "Contribute" tab at the bottom of the page.

find my google reviews on mobile

3. Select "See Contributions"


Select the see contributions option. 

find my google reviews on mobile step 2

How Long Does It Take for Google Reviews to Post?


Google reviews will show up on a business's page within a few minutes to a few hours of being posted. This delay allows Google to review the content and ensure it complies with their policies. Be patient; your reviews will show up once they are approved.


How to Edit Google Reviews


Google provides users with the ability to edit their reviews. If you've left a review and want to make changes, follow these steps:


1. Find Your Review


Locate the review you want to edit. You can do this by going to Google Maps, searching for your review, and clicking on it.


2. Click on the Three Dots


In the upper-right corner of your review, you'll see three vertical dots. Click on these dots to reveal a dropdown menu.


3. Select "Edit Review"


From the dropdown menu, select "Edit Review." This will allow you to make changes to your review.

edit a google review

4. Save Your Changes


After editing your review, make the necessary changes and click "Save" to update your review.


Why Are My Google Reviews Disappearing?


In most cases, missing reviews are removed for policy violations like spam or inappropriate content. Encouraging genuine and informative reviews is essential while avoiding practices that might violate Google's guidelines.

why are my reviews being removed

How to Fix Your Google Reviews That Are Not Showing Up


If you've identified that your reviews are not showing up, here are steps to address the issue:


1. Review Google's Policies


Google's review policy is broad. However, make sure that you don't use foul language, include personal information, and that your review explains a genuine experience interacting with the business you are reviewing. As long as you abide by these recommendations, you are golden. 


2. Make Sure The Content is "Helpful"


Helpful content should assist anyone researching the company to make a better choice after reading your review. This can include using the name of an employee or a specific item on the menu at a restaurant.  


3. Avoid the AI Filter


Google is extremely secretive about how they determine legitimate from "fake" reviews. However, the most common algorithm flag is tied to the Gmail account used to publish the review. The Gmail account should be verified with a mobile phone number, used frequently, and located relatively close to the business to avoid being flagged as spam. Google will consider the activity on the account such as purchase history, location history, and previous contributions to increase trust. 


4. Contact Google Support


If legitimate reviews still need to appear, you can contact Google Support for assistance. Provide them with relevant information about the business and the reviews in question.




Artificial Intelligence governs Google's platform diligently. But it can sometimes lead to legitimate reviews not showing up as expected.


However, armed with knowledge about Google's policies and best practices, you can navigate this landscape more effectively.


Encourage genuine reviews from satisfied customers, adhere to Google's guidelines, and, if needed, seek assistance from Google Support. By doing so, you can enhance the visibility of your reviews, bolster your online reputation, and contribute positively to the broader online community. Remember, honest and informative reviews benefit everyone involved.

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