How to Write a Professional About Me Page That Gets Noticed

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Feb 16, 2022 1:46:12 PM

An about me page is an essential part of any blog. It allows viewers to see who you are and what you stand for. It lets them know that you are trying to help them and you can Increase the integrity of your blog page by adding one. If done correctly, an about me page can enable you to reach out to viewers, increase sales and build your personal brand. This article will help you create the best about me page for your site.

What Is an About Me Page?

If you’ve been wondering, “what does Google knows about me,” they’ll likely have found a good snapshot from your about me page. An about me page is typically the most viewed page on your site or blog. It’s typically featured at the bottom of all of your other blog posts. For this reason, it should be the most carefully constructed page on your site.


An about me page builds a relationship with your viewers and allows them to trust what you present on your site. If you're about me page lacks what your audience is looking for, they may click off your page after reading it. 

Benefits of an About Me Page

An about me page establishes a relationship with your customers. It allows them to see who you are and why you are creating your content.


An about me page establishes a human connection between you and your readers. It shows that your viewers aren’t just reading a computer-processed website.


It also creates emotion in your viewers. Provoking emotion is a great way to get people to relate to you and read your content. 


Finally, an about me page is a great way to showcase your accomplishments and career branding

How to Construct Your About Me Page

There are several key components and best practices to consider when it comes to writing you're about me page. 


First, be honest with your audience and tell them who you are. Explain why you created your blog and what it is you’re trying to do. This allows your audience to relate to you and see that you are human.


People don’t want to take advice from a personal portfolio website that is an auto-generated sales push trying to get their money. If they see that you have a true story and a reason for helping them, it builds a connection between you and your site visitors.


Next, explain what you have to offer your audience. This can be information they are looking for, products to help them reach a goal, or answers to their questions. Whatever it is that your site gives them, let them know. Allow them to understand what exactly your site provides for them.


It’s also essential to write about what you are passionate about. When you have passion for something, it comes off as genuine, and people can relate to you.


Stay humble when talking about yourself. It’s acceptable to mention how long you’ve been in your business or a few achievements to establish authority. You do not want to brag and come off as arrogant.


You should also know who your customer is and what their needs are. You want to prove how you can help them.


Next, find out a way to stand out from your competition. You don’t want to say the same thing that every person in your niche does. Telling your story is a great way to do this. Using your voice and style will ensure that you're about me page isn’t similar to others.


Consider including visuals or a brief YouTube video. Plain text is boring to read. An image of your journey allows the audience to visually see your story.


You can also leave a feedback or comment section at the bottom. This allows your audience to engage with you and offer feedback. This is a great way to understand what they want to see more of on your page. It also helps you find out who your audience is and how you can understand their needs.


As you begin to wrap up, make sure to include links to your social media pages. These can provide further information about your company and build more trust. It can also be a way to link to your products. If you get more followers on your social media, it means more people seeing your posts and more traffic.


Finally, update your about me page regularly. If you have gained any new, relevant skills, add them. Adding additional information will increase the integrity of your about me page.

What to Avoid

Now that we’ve gone over some tips on how to create you're about me page, let’s move on to some common mistakes to avoid. These include:


  • Writing a long about me page
  • Grammatical and punctual errors
  • Being too salesmen
  • Not providing contact information


You're about me page should not be very long. One to two pages is plenty. If it is too long, it becomes boring and people won’t read it. Be precise and to the point.


If you're about me page is full of grammatical errors, it won’t come off as authentic. It shows that you don’t care enough about your audience to properly construct the most important page of your site. You want to establish a proper relationship with your audience.


You're about me page is not the time to try and sell your product. This will give the viewer the wrong idea and steer them away from your site.


Leaving your name and a number or email that people can reach you at is crucial. If they have any further questions or are interested in your products, this gives them a way to reach you. 

About Me Page Examples

Here are a few examples of all about me template pages that follow the tips provided in this article. Use these as a reference to help you implement best practices into your website.


This travel about me page is short and to the point. It doesn’t ramble on and leaves the reader bored. Jack proves he has a lot of know-how on traveling and the audience knows what they will find in his blog posts. 

about me examples

This about me example does a great job of instilling emotion in the viewers. They explain how they are working to create jobs and empower women. Proving that they are a reliable company makes viewers want to read on.

about me page examples

Another great about me example comes from the Lego company. They do a good job of touching on emotion by stating that their goal is to release a child’s potential. This targets their audience, which is mainly parents wanting to purchase Legos for their kids. It also builds a great deal of trust.

about me page examples (1)


Now you have all the vital information to create you're about me page. The about me page is very important to a personal website and should not be skipped. Spend time on it and make sure it is free of error. Contact NewReputation today to build your career portfolio.

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