Unveiling NewReputation Management Tool For Healthcare Businesses

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Dec 2, 2020 9:28:20 PM

NewReputation is introducing specialized reputation management for physicians and healthcare businesses.

One bad review can cost a business thousands of dollars. Likewise, companies with very few reviews have a hard time earning the trust of new patients. The story remains valid in the healthcare industry, where many potential clients look to online reviews for guidance before booking a session with a physician, knowing fully well that they are getting the best care possible.

The online marketplace offers endless business opportunities. With thousands of people searching every minute, many opportunities flow to well-positioned businesses with an ample online reputation. A better representation and positioning on search results can deter low-yield marketing tactics.

Nearly 80% of physicians stated that responding to negative reviews adds a layer of stress to their job. NewReputation aims to field negative feedback and resolve potential customer disputes before they start.

"With healthcare being one of the most emotional industries in the market, the level of stress that patients are exposed to is extremely high. A simple misunderstanding can lead to a patient leaving a negative review on every platform available. When the patient is allowed to voice their opinion offline, the results are more favorable for both parties." Natalie Nguyen, Digital Marketing Specialist at NewReputation, stated,

Years of helping businesses build a positive online reputation have taught us many things. A golden lesson is that a disappointed customer is born when your customer experience and service quality are not up to par. And the conscious efforts you invest in handling these negative reviews and improving your business offering are game-changers.

"Customers want to be heard. They want a chance to voice their opinion. When customers feel wronged and ignored, they review platforms to express their feelings. Negative emotions typically fuel it. We have realized that when we give customers an opportunity to voice their opinions before resorting to bad reviews, the success is apparent." Stated Kevin Curran, CEO of NewReputation.

Most importantly, we know how vital online reputation is to a doctor. That's why we'll roll out a specialized power-packed reputation management tool for physicians.

As a healthcare specialist, this specialized tool is designed to help you build trust and a lasting bond with your patients by focusing on these critical things.

Improving Online Reviews

According to research, 82% of Americans read online reviews to evaluate doctors and medical practitioners before scheduling a consultation. This is why our tools can help you create a credible first impression.

Getting Found By Your Patients

We lock down your business listing across 60 popular local directories so patients can easily find you. We update your information consistently and ensure that you spread out your business listing info to capture as many local clients as possible that use the "doctor near me" search option.

Improving Patient Satisfaction

Ensuring that clients are 100 percent satisfied has always been essential to medicine. Displeased patients tend to defect to your competitors; that's why you need to keep your business's wheel moving by delivering satisfaction to your patients.

About NewReputation

From optimizing all your digital assets to using sales-driven strategies to connect with patients and maximize opportunities, NewReputation has it. NewReputation is the go-to agency for solutions that lets you control the narrative through fully managed reputation services that help you outshine the competition. For updates about our services, you can receive reputation management updates and guides by contacting us.


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