Trustpilot's Eye-Opening Transparency Report on Fake Reviews

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Dec 1, 2023 11:41:11 AM

Online reviews play a pivotal role in shaping consumer opinions. However, the increasing prevalence of fake reviews has become a cause for concern, leaving users questioning the credibility of platforms like Trustpilot.

While the platform emphasizes its commitment to authenticity and transparency, the growing unease surrounding fake reviews raises questions about the reliability of this widely used consumer feedback platform.

The Scale of the Issue: Trustpilot's Battle Against Fake Reviews

Trustpilot, a global review platform, boasts 46.7 million reviews in 2021 alone. While this massive volume reflects the platform's popularity, it also underscores the challenge of maintaining the authenticity of user-generated content.

Trustpilot acknowledges the issue, stating that 5.8% of reviews were taken down after being identified as fictitious.

The platform relies on robust fraud detection software to sift through the vast sea of reviews. In 2021, 1.8 million reviews were automatically deleted by this software, indicating the scale of the challenge Trustpilot faces in ensuring genuine user experiences.

To combat deceptive practices, the platform issued 121,048 automated warnings and 1,425 formal "cease and desist" letters to problematic businesses, showcasing a commitment to upholding the integrity of the reviewing process.

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Are Trustpilot Reviews Legitimate? Deciphering the "Verified" Label

TrustPilot distinguishes genuine reviews from fraudulent ones through a "verified" label.

According to Trustpilot, a "verified" review is deemed to represent a legitimate user experience. This validation process involves an automated invitation tool that sends requests based on purchases or other identifiable methods.

However, the reliance on an automated system raises questions about the accuracy of the verification process.

Critics argue that this method may need to be more foolproof, potentially allowing some fake reviews to slip through the cracks. Moreover, TrustPilot's recent push for reviewers to verify their identity with a driver's license raises serious privacy concerns.

While the intention is to enhance the credibility of reviews, the demand for sensitive personal information may deter users from participating, casting a shadow over the authenticity of the platform's reviews.

What Constitutes a "Fake" Review According to TrustPilot?

TrustPilot adopts a comprehensive definition of fake reviews to maintain the authenticity of user feedback. They categorize fake reviews as not genuinely representing a service or buying experience with a business. Here's a breakdown of what falls under the umbrella of "fake reviews" on TrustPilot:

1. Business-Generated Reviews

A business leaving a review on its own TrustPilot profile is considered deceptive and violates TrustPilot's guidelines.

2. Paid Reviews

Reviews paid for to manipulate a business's rating on TrustPilot are deemed fake.

3. Competitor Undermining

Leaving a review on a competitor's TrustPilot page to deliberately undermine their rating is unethical. It falls under the category of fake reviews.

4. Disguised Advertising

Any form of advertising or promotional messages disguised as reviews is strictly prohibited.

5. Removed Content

Reviews removed from the platform due to containing harmful or illegal content are considered fake.

6. Non-Genuine Experiences

Reviews not based on a genuine experience or unrelated to the business being reviewed are also categorized as fake.

How to Remove Fake TrustPilot Reviews

For users who find themselves grappling with fake reviews, Trustpilot offers a reporting mechanism. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to report a review on the platform:

  1. Navigate to Reviews: Click "reviews" and select "product reviews" from the left-hand menu.
  2. Locate the Review: Find the review you wish to report and click on "report" located under the review.
  3. Follow Reporting Steps: A pop-up screen will guide you through the reporting process. Be cautious with the details and reasoning you provide, as they will be made public during the investigation.
  4. Choose Review Element: Select whether you want to report the text or image of the review and click "continue."
  5. Specify the Reason: Choose the reason for reporting (e.g., harmful or illegal) and press "continue" again.
  6. Review Summary and Confirmation: Trustpilot will display a summary of your report, including the selected reason. You will receive a confirmation email once the report is submitted.
  7. Waiting Period: Be patient; reviewing the report may take several days. Trustpilot will contact the reviewers to gather evidence supporting their review.

Arm Yourself with Evidence

If you suspect fake reviews and possess evidence, such as identical language used elsewhere, don't hesitate to email it to Trustpilot. Providing tangible proof strengthens your case and contributes to the platform's ongoing efforts to maintain a trustworthy review environment.

Removing Fake Reviews: A Call to Expertise

For businesses grappling with the repercussions of fake reviews on Trustpilot, the solution lies in seeking professional assistance. Online reputation management firms, such as NewReputation, specialize in navigating the complex terrain of digital feedback. We employ strategic approaches to address fake reviews, restoring the credibility of a business on platforms like Trustpilot.


Trustpilot's commitment to combating fake reviews is evident through its robust fraud detection measures and proactive warnings. However, finding the right balance between authentication and user privacy is the challenge.

As users tread the waters of Trustpilot reviews, it is essential to approach them with a critical mindset. Moreover, for businesses grappling with the aftermath of fraudulent feedback, seeking the guidance of reputation management experts may prove instrumental in steering through the complexities of online reputation.

Trust, after all, remains the cornerstone of any reputable review platform, and striking the right balance is crucial for the continued success of Trustpilot and the trust of its users.

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