Why I am not getting any calls for job interviews? Update your resume

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Jul 30, 2022 3:42:35 PM

Your potential employers are riffling through hundreds of potential candidates. These talented job seekers have ivy league degrees, impressive internships, and letters of recommendation. 


You send your resume out with a personalized cover letter to your top career choices. Nothing. 


Why aren’t you getting any calls for a job interview? Let's explore some reasons why your resume might be getting overlooked.

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Use keywords to get found by Applicant Tracking Systems


According to Preptel, three-quarters of all resumes are never seen by humans. Instead, they are scanned by a software called an applicant tracking system or "ATS." This determines whether your resume is ranked highly enough to be considered for an interview, or whether it's buried so that recruiters don't find you.


According to Jobscan research, more than 98% of Fortune 500 firms use an ATS. Your application almost always goes into an ATS if you submit it online.


Your resume keywords must include specific job requirements. This includes your skills, competencies, previous positions, and employers. Keywords should simply be words that can be easily scanned by a hiring manager to show that you are the right candidate for the job.


Creating a standout professional biography


Your bio is one of the most important factors in your resume. This gives you a chance to explain your value to the marketplace in your own words. 


A good bio allows you to tell a little bit about yourself in an easy-to-read, disarming format. The way you create the bio will allow you to communicate more information about yourself than you can with other sections of your resume. 


  • Introduce yourself.
  • Mention your brand or company name.
  • Describe your professional role.
  • Include your professional accomplishments.
  • Discuss your passions.
  • Mention your interests.


Your professional biography should mention at least one accomplishment in your professional life. Your values and how they influence your career are described. Your personality and hobbies should be outlined to your readers. To make your bio pop you can add humor to your professional bio. You might consider telling a personal story as long as it is appropriate and relevant and adds additional content to your background. 

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Follow up quickly with a personalized email


Providing appropriate follow-up can enhance a successful meeting and leave a lasting impression on interviewers who will decide if you are cut.


You can remind the interviewer by following up, that you are a strong candidate for the job. This will reinforce the fact that you are qualified and worthy of being considered. It shows you are interested in the job by sending a thank-you message.


Example: Hi, I'm (name of the recruiter) and I'm calling to inquire about our interview scheduled for today at (time). I did not receive your call so I don't know if anything came up. I am still interested in your company, the (position name), and hope that we can reschedule.


You must learn about the employer's history and products. Practice describing how your skills can benefit the company.


  • Use the first name of the hiring manager
  • Thank them for the opportunity
  • Affirm your internist in the position 
  • Respond to any concerns that came up during the interview


Glassdoor recommends that you send an email within 24 to 48 hours. It's safe to send a second email if you have not heard back from the company within 7-10 days.

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Build a report with employees


Connect with hiring managers on LinkedIn. This is the reason they are on Linkedin, to build their professional network. Connecting with a hiring manager on LinkedIn is perfectly appropriate. 


You can ask them to review your resume and see if you are a good candidate for the position.


Example: I saw that [old/new boss's company] had opened positions for [job title]. I am looking to leave my job and would like to apply for the position. Please take a look at my resume, and let me know if you find anything. It would be a great idea if you could send it to someone who is responsible for hiring.


Ask for Feedback


It is crucial to highlight your strengths in your resume. A professional resume review will help you identify areas in your resume that can be improved to make you stand out for the position you are applying for.


Include a job posting when you ask for feedback. This will allow them to see the job description and get an idea of what type of job it is. A resume should be written with good grammar and spelling.


  • Spouse.
  • A family member.
  • Friend.
  • Community center.
  • Service for professional resume review
  • Professor.
  • Career coach.
  • Trusted network connection.


An unexplained long employment gap between your previous positions is one of the most common red flags on a resume. Sometimes these gaps can lead to hiring managers assuming that you have not been able to get a job in the past. This could be a sign of poor performance or other shortcomings.


Stay Persistent 


If you don't hear back, mentally try to reframe the situation in a positive light. You might not have heard back from the company because they decided not to fill the job. Maybe the job wasn't right for you. There are many reasons you may not have been offered the job. Keep your mind open and positive.


On average, job seekers are rejected by 24 decision-makers prior to getting the "yes," according to research by Orville Pierson, career coach, and author. Rejections are part of the job-search process. It is important to be resilient. Take time to reflect on the interviews.


Continue growing your skills


Actively seeking professional development ensures knowledge and skills remain relevant and up to date. Employees are able to stay up-to-date on industry trends and direction.


Continuous learning at work has the potential for employees to increase their skill sets and knowledge retention, and generate new ideas and perspectives. It can also boost employee morale and improve overall performance. Support career development


You are preparing to take on more responsibilities by expanding your skills and thinking in the future. No matter your current position, there's always more to be learned. It shows ambition, self-awareness, and humility, as well as tenacity, to invest in your professional development.




Your resume is your main marketing tool. It speaks volumes about you.


Your resume is the first impression a potential employer has of you. It's important to show your current skills and motivation to learn more. Don’t be deterred if you don’t receive any follow-up call from your resume. Make adjustments and stay consistent.


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