How To Write Your Professional Biography?

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Feb 3, 2022 9:46:13 AM

Writing about your professional background and having it prepared beforehand is a great way to introduce yourself and your professional background. This is a piece of document that you can share with a potential place of work, your colleagues, or any business association.


You can even use writing on your professional background to enhance your social media profile, as an author bio, or as part of any public speaking platform, you are invited to.


These usually include an about me background along with a work background. The former talks about your general background such as schooling, graduation, hobbies, etc. while the latter is strictly about your work background.


Writing your first professional background can turn out to be a confusing and challenging experience. We have brought to you this article to guide you in the process. By the end of reading it, you will have a better understanding of and be more comfortable with creating your professional background.


What does professional background include?


While writing about your professional background, you need to make sure it includes the following details:


  • Previous jobs held
  • Successful and promising projects you have been a part of
  • Accomplishments like promotions or initiatives
  • Professional networking organizations that you are a part of
  • Include your professional goals and ambitions for the future


How to get started?


Let's dive right into the process of creating a professional background.

 about me background

1) Use templates for guidance


The first factor to keep in mind is that there is no need to start from scratch. There are several bio templates available for free for you to seek guidance from. These will brief you about the format, length, and tone of your work background. Bio templates are a great way to understand how to strike a balance between writing about your personal information and professional achievements.


2) Know your audience


You must pay close attention to who will be reading your biography and cater to the audience accordingly. Yes, you might require to tweak the document to suit their expectations. The best way to achieve this is by keeping different versions of your professional background prepared for specific audiences.


For example, there will be far more details about your work background and accomplishments on your website than on your Linkedin profile. Another version could be a document prepared for a potential employer wherein you highlight the reasons why they should select you and how you are fit for the position. There are several college student biography examples available as well on the internet.


Know your audience, know your platform, and create a professional biography as per these.


3) Emphasize professional progression


A first impression must allow your biography to exhibit your professional progression. You can present your work background in the form of a structured timeline from significant early experiences to recent ones. Discuss how all of the different roles prepared your personality to face the new roles along with how these experiences shaped your entire being.


The timeline does not necessarily have to be linear. You can select specific themes and mention the job roles you have occupied pertaining to those. It is best to leave out certain insignificant roles that have no relation to the current job you might be applying for. After all, a very long professional background will only bore the readers.


4) Highlight your accomplishments


Professional biographies are meant to be a space for you to brag about your accomplishments. There is no need to be humble because the competition is tough and the more experience you can brag of, the better it will do you.


Compile a list of all the successful projects you have undertaken, the deals you have closed, the initiatives you have created, strategies you have designed for a company, any leadership roles you might have undertaken, and so on.


You can write about your success in terms of quantifiable statistical figures. This is something many people prefer because numbers seem to be more convincing to readers. However, you may provide descriptions of your achievements as well. Make sure these are short and crisp.


Remember to mention how all these past accomplishments are proof that you are always up for a challenge and even at times that you have failed, you have learned important lessons from those.


5) Give it a personal touch


While timelines and accomplishments are primary elements, you can achieve a lot more when your personal biography has a personal touch to it. You need to convey to your readers what kind of a person you are so they can comprehend your personality beyond the scope of work. You can discuss some of your hobbies and why you enjoy them.


This is essentially what is known as the ‘about me’ background section. You can also talk about the following things:


  • Whether you have any pets
  • What genre of movies or tv shows do you like to watch?
  • Are there any outdoor activities you partake in?
  • The number of languages you speak
  • What are the top three wishes on your bucket list?


6) Ask for feedback


Remember to collect constructive feedback after the completion of every project or deal undertaken. This will help you create your professional background. You can ask your peers to provide this feedback on the basis of what they thought of you during the project, what kind of role you played, or what impact you had on the success of a project.


These are crucial details that help the readers understand your personality from the viewpoint of someone who has already worked with you.


Summing up


These tips and examples will help you write about your professional background with more confidence. The final product created must check things like your notable achievements, important roles, and responsibilities held, personal details, and how you are fit for the current role. A 2-3 page writing on your professional background can play a crucial role in convincing readers of your work and personality so focus on creating one that is impressive at the very first look.

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