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DuckDuckGo SEO: Why it Matters

Delphia Debra
Oct 8, 2020 9:12:00 PM

As privacy issues continue to rise, DuckDuckGo has been quietly attracting users to their search engine and generating more traffic. While more people are beginning to care about how their information is collected and shared, DuckDuckGo shines brighter in the face of the growing privacy concern. This is because of how it protects user data.

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DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine that does not collect user data, does not track users across the web, and does not use targeted ads.

Its mantra is simple, “no tracking, no ad targeting, just searching.”

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While it is not clear how search engines and social media will develop in the future, and as concerns continue to rise around data protection and privacy rights, SEOs need to consider how they can incorporate the methods and techniques of new players within the field in the search engines of the future. 

Being the dominant search engine for present privacy-focused internet users and those of the future, DuckDuckGo and its growth offer a notable insight into how search engines might look to prioritize in the future since search engine personalization and tracking may be here forever.

How DuckDuckGo Works

DuckDuckGo provides results to queries from about 400 different sources, which include:

  • Information crawled by DuckDuckBot
  • Results from partners including Bing and Yahoo
  • Crowdsourced websites such as Wikipedia

It also has instant answers from its open-source platform that allows users to send in answers to specific queries that are served based as a question. 

Due to its focus on privacy, DuckDuckGo does not know the specific location of the searcher. So to provide local results for things like local services, businesses, or information.

DuckDuckGo uses a GEO:IP lookup to find users’ approximate location, unlike Google that uses IP addresses and cookies. 

However, if DuckDuckGo thinks you are in a different location because of how this process isn’t always accurate, you might get irrelevant results. Hence, DuckDuckGo prompts users to share their current location for a more accurate result.

Note that DuckDuckGo does not store this information.

DuckDuckGo Privacy

How to Approach SEO for DuckDuckGo

Apart from the traditional SEO methods, only very little is known about optimizing for DuckDuckGo.

However, according to DuckDuckGo, the best way to get good rankings is to get links from high-quality sites. This indicates how important growing your quality backlink profile is to ranking on DuckDuckGo since they mentioned it specifically.   

Also, because of the uncertainty of DuckDuckGo when it comes to local results and the likely reluctance of users to share their location information, SEOs should consider optimizing for location modifiers in the search result and not depend on the search engine to serve results for general terms. Know what searchers might be looking for and optimize specifically for local keyword variants to appear for users searching locally.

Make sure to optimize for Bing and Oath (formally Yahoo) since DuckDuckGo pulls results from them. This is something you should already be doing since they have considerable market shares too.

In conclusion, with the increasing popularity of DuckDuckGo among privacy-focused searchers, websites should look to appear here. However, there’s no special secret or trick to optimizing for DuckDuckGo. You only need to concentrate on attracting quality links, use local modifiers, and optimize for search engines that DuckDuckGo uses. 

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