Everything You Need to Know About Guest Blogging for Backlink

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Do you want to reach a bigger audience by writing premium quality content for other websites? Guest posting, despite its popularity, is still one of the most controversial content marketing strategies. Many marketers spend hours creating outreach emails, only to find out that the website only offers "sponsored" posts.


Is guest posting worth the effort? 


Some content marketers think writing and accepting guest posts offers high value, while others don't think the returns are worth the time.


Guest Blogging is widely considered the most effective link-building strategy available. Of course, backlinks are essential for higher rankings. However, it's important to note that you should write articles for the websites related to your niche for a broader audience.


Are websites still accepting guest bloggers or have they learned the value of a backlink. Let's take a look at the benefits of guest blogging and sponsored articles.


What is a Guest Posting?


Guest posting is when a writer creates content for another website or blog. The guest post will usually include a link to the writer's website or blog. Guest posting is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers and website owners and get your name and work out there in front of a new audience.


Guest posting benefits in optimizing the website through a better following. Writing an article for someone else's website makes you heard by a bigger audience. It aims to share valuable content and helps to establish authority for yourself.


What are Sponsored Articles?


Sponsored content (also known as an advertorial) is advertising content that has been published by another person or media outlet and may appear similar to the content generated by the publisher.


Sponsored articles are similar to guest posts in that they are pieces of content written by someone other than the website or blog owner. However, sponsored articles are paid for by the person or company who is commissioning the article.


Sponsored articles are a form of content marketing that advertisers use to promote their products online. Advertisers will pay for sponsored articles that are consistent with publisher editorial content but include some type of brand promotion.


How do I identify sponsored content?


Look at the title of an article and the description of a YouTube video to see if there is any language suggesting that the content was paid. Sites located in the United States must add a notice if any content was paid for by outside companies. 


Why Should You Consider Guest Posting and Sponsored Articles?


You should consider guest posting for several reasons, like:


  •     It enhances your online presence
  •     Establishes you as an influencer 
  •     It builds your personal brand
  •     Improves your SEO


Overall, guest posting benefits the guest blogger and the website. Guest posting is a great way to grow your blog. Your blog will be promoted by guest posters who will share your content once it's published. SEO is free! This free marketing can result in more social media sharing and hopefully links to your website. Therefore, you must consider the author box at the bottom of the article while going for guest posts.

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4 Benefits of Guest Posting and Sponsored Articles


Here are some key benefits that may help you perceive the potential of sponsored articles and guest posting. Further, it would help how this kind of influencer content marketing can boost your business.


1. Guest Posts Help to Authenticate Yourself


Guest posting is best to boost your online authority. The quality of your content doesn't matter if it fails to gain the trust of your audience. Guest posting helps you in this area. It defines you as a trustworthy leader in your niche.


Personalized content is the major element in defining your brand's value. It happens when people see your name on an authoritative and reputed website page.


The authority you gain from guest posting helps increase your SEO and helps you later in your business. It's also essential to make the base for your customers and generate revenue for your company.


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2. Guest Posts Enhance Your Credibility


Sponsored articles help create your online presence by writing quality and valuable content on a high-ranked website. With its help, you can strengthen your image in front of an audience by sharing your expertise and providing creative examples.


 In this way, the target audience realizes your trustworthiness through brand recognition. Thus, it would increase their responsiveness to your providing value through the site.


Studies show that people who guest post on valued websites have more level of credibility as compared to those who never guest post. It's not important to start guest posting with the top reputed websites. You can start with small websites. Afterward, strategic planning can elevate your level to top-notch websites.


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3. Rank Your Site with the Help of Backlinks


Backlinks refer to links that connect one website to another. Google uses backlinks as a rating indicator. The site linking gives the message to Google that content on that particular site is worth noticing.


Therefore, quality backlinks can help the websites for better SEO. Backlinks attached to your brand name on a post helps to prove the value of your brand and its relevance to the search engines. This way, it becomes convenient for people to find your content via different search engines.


Here, it's important to avoid writing low-quality content in guest posting just for backlinks as it wouldn't be helpful to the audience.


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4. Guest Posting Helps to Boost Your Traffic and Helps in Search Engine Optimization


Undoubtedly, guest posting is the best way for quality backlinks. It generates quality traffic for your site, increases your SEO, and betters your investment return. Your website development and SEO badly need quality backlinks as it's critical to Google algorithms.


When you write for other websites, the link to your brand from such articles helps Google evaluate your website as relevant and helpful. Google takes this evaluation based on the number of quality backlinks. Remember, Google ranks pages, not websites. Backlinks are one of the most influential off-page SEO ranking factors Google takes into consideration when deciding what pages to rank on the first page.


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How do you write an email for a guest post pitch?

If you are unable to create a compelling guest post pitch email that stands out in an inbox full of guest posts, getting them accepted by other blogs may be difficult. Here are some tried-and-true subject lines and email templates to help you with your guest post outreach campaigns.


Mention the editor by name. Refer to a post they have published that you enjoyed and tell them why. Adjust topic suggestions for the blog to which you are pitching. If you send examples of previous work, make sure to include content that is relevant to their niche or to the topics you will be writing about on their blog.




Hey (Name), my name is [Your Name], and I am the content creator at [Company Name].


I noticed that you have some amazing contributors to [Blog Name] and was curious if you still accept guest bloggers.


I have written a number of articles on (Your Topic) and think I can add some additional value to your audience.


Whatever topic you choose, I will gladly write content that is well-researched and supported by facts, stats, or screenshots.


Should you pay for a sponsored post? 


No matter how big or small your business, there are many opportunities to sponsor content via YouTube videos and Twitter posts. Sponsored content can help you reach new customers and earn their trust.


According to the Influencer Marketing Hub report, Instagram influencers charge between $10 and $10K+ for each Instagram post. The number of followers an Instagram influencer has will determine how much they can charge.


$10 per 1,000 followers is the industry standard, but this could vary depending on how many people like your posts. As you get more followers, your ability to charge more will increase. You will want to set a minimum price, but you can negotiate to get brands to pay more.


This industry-standard can also be applied to the audience for a website. The difference with a website-sponsored post is the link that you generate back to your website. The value of backlinks is on the rise as website owners are beginning to understand their value of them. 


There is a correlation with the number of spam emails asking for backlinks without offering any value to the website owner. Ahrefs found that the average price to buy a backlink from a website is $361.44, excluding labor and outreach costs.


Frequently asked questions about Guest Posting


What is guest posting?


Guest posting/blogging is an ethical and genuine SEO strategy. This is a unique concept that allows you to write a blog and then post it on another site. This creates mutual benefits for both guest bloggers and the site hosting guest blogs.


Are guest posts paid?


Paid Guest Post is a guest post that you write for another website and they pay you in return for your content on their site. If you think you're mixing paid guest blogging and link buying, then you are mistaken.


What is the process of guest posting?


A guest post is an article that has been written and published on another's blog. While a blog post is just a posting, a guest post is an article that's posted on another blog.


What is the average amount of guest blogger earnings?


The hourly rate is $50-$75 per hour.


What is the cost of a sponsored article?


Local publishers generally set prices for sponsored content at $250-$750 per article or $500-$1500 for a three-part package. Each article in the package is less expensive the larger it is.


Where can I find sponsored posts?


You should also take a look at influencer platforms such as Izea and PayPerPost. These services connect brands and bloggers who are looking to monetize blogs.


Bottom Line on Guest Blogging


Guest posting and sponsored articles are the foremost steps toward influential content marketing. It provides great value to any business or brand undoubtedly. Also, its benefits range from quality backlinks to better SEO and wide exposure to a new audience. 


Guest posting is also helpful in building connections with different thought leaders in the industry. Are guest posts worth it?


With the price of backlinks rising, offering free content to a website in exchange for a backlink is well worth it.


Guest posts on other blogs allow you to reach out to a well-established audience. Your posts will be enjoyed by new readers, which will increase traffic to your site. It is well worth your time and effort.

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