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Google Reviews and the Benefits They Bring to Your SEO

Jun 1, 2022 6:54:21 PM

Google reviews are increasingly becoming an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Having positive reviews on Google helps businesses to improve their search engine rankings and encourages potential customers to choose them over competitors.


Discover how Google reviews can boost your SEO and learn how to get started today.


What Are Google Reviews?


Google reviews are a type of user-generated content that appear next to search results when a customer searches for your business on Google. 


It’s an easy and quick way for customers to learn about the experience others had with your business and see what you’re all about. 


They also provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition and make their online presence more attractive.


How Do Google Reviews Help Your SEO? 


Google reviews can help your SEO by showing customers that they should trust your business. 


When a customer sees positive reviews from past customers, it gives them assurance that they’re making the right decision to patronize your business. 


Additionally, when people review your business on Google and leave positive feedback, it can create more organic web traffic for you as those reviews appear in search results. Search engine algorithms look at user-generated content and weigh it heavily in rankings, so having reviews can give your website an “authority boost” and improve ranks in relevant search results.


Google's algorithm will likely consider a business’ reputation on sites like Yelp. Google even published a rare outline on how they use online reviews following a site that was accused of ripping off customers to gain press coverage and links.


Google believes in word-of-mouth marketing. Google considers the quality and quantity of reviews when evaluating a search position. Search engines like Google adopt a similar approach to customers who use online reviews as a way to verify their purchase decisions.


It should not be surprising that search engines and users have the same goal. Google's goal is to quickly and efficiently search the web for the best information, services, and products. Online reviews provide insight into how helpful your website or company is. 


Do Google reviews help SEO?


Local search rankings are also influenced by reviews. The good news is that many platforms allow you to encourage customers to leave reviews. Every local business should also have a review acquisition strategy.


Google Reviews can help with SEO and search rankings. Although there are many factors that influence search rankings, customer reviews can provide strong signals to search engines about trustworthiness and authority.


Around 89% of customers say that they read reviews before purchasing products online. Reviews are an integral part of the buying process. To help customers make better purchasing decisions, most companies already display reviews alongside product listings.

Do Google reviews help SEO

Do negative reviews affect SEO?


Research also shows that 86% of potential customers won't buy products or services from businesses with poor reviews. A business could lose up to 70% of its customers if it has negative reviews that show up in Google searches.


The New York Times published a disturbing article in 2010. One merchant said that if you treat your customers poorly, it can lead to negative reviews and complaints, which in turn will increase the number of links to your site in search engines. The article's main idea was that bad web behavior can be good for your business.


Customers don’t want to believe that a ruthless online business owner would gleefully abuse customers to get higher rankings. But, the subsequent penalty action by Google proved it to be true.


Although this sounds appealing at first, the proposal is based on a false assumption. The first is that the horrible merchant in the story didn't rank because of links from customer complaints websites. Many consumer community websites, such as RipOff Report, added an attribute called ref=nofollow to their links. 


A No-Follow link is a mechanism that websites can use to tell search engines not to give weight to certain links. This is ideal for situations where you want to De-Index a page on Google. Some of Decor My Eyes' most trusted links came from mainstream news sites like Bloomberg and the New York Times. Although the Bloomberg article was about someone who sued Decor My Eyes' company, the article's language was neutral so sentiment analysis would not have been helpful.


Why is it important to respond to reviews?


Your online reputation can be strengthened by responding to online reviews. Responding to negative reviews online, being understanding, and being open to discussion. Recommendations for positive reviews on the internet should be acknowledged and encouraged to make more purchases.


You have the opportunity to show your customers that you care by responding to every review. This can help you get more reviews, improve your ratings, and make your business look trustworthy and transparent to future customers.


Analyzing customer reviews can help your company to understand customer satisfaction and provide feedback about what customers really want.


Best review platform for SEO


Although it is not necessary to use a third-party website to collect your reviews in order to benefit from the stars on search engine result pages (SERPs), it is best because of the Google credibility of these sites.


The yellow review stars (also known as rich snippet stars) are a major beauty feature in any SERP snippet.


These snippets also feed this information to Google, which allows it to display stars and ratings in AdWords text ads.


Trustpilot has the best customer reviews for SEO. This award goes to Trustpilot. They were well ahead of their competition in SEO visibility years ago. This gave them authority in Google's eyes.


Should you add reviews to your website?


Customer reviews can add social proof to your website. You will be trusted by your potential customers.


Customer feedback can help you improve your product and make the buying experience more enjoyable. This is an opportunity that you shouldn't miss.


Visitors can quickly find accurate information on potential purchases by incorporating reviews into their websites. Websites that have consistently received high-quality reviews are picked up by local search engines.


By adding customer reviews to your website your customers can benefit by locating all the information they are looking for all in one place. This will keep them on your site longer, decrease your bounce rate, and increase user experience. 


Getting the Most Out of Your Google Reviews 


To get the most out of your Google Reviews, target specific keywords in your reviews to increase their visibility. 


Doing so not only gives you a better chance of having your reviews shown on Google but also increases the chances of them achieving higher levels of engagement from potential customers. 


Additionally, responding to customer reviews and providing feedback such as thanking people for their valuable feedback creates an active presence that will help build trust with potential customers and ultimately attract more business.


Final Thoughts


Online reviews have a significant impact on SEO rankings. Online reviews and ratings are used by customers to evaluate the quality and reputation of a brand and its product or service.


It is important to keep your focus on reviews and how they can be improved for your SEO. Reviews can help boost your authority and online presence. Google does consider your website ranking and favors sites with higher ratings.


To learn how to manage online reviews, contact NewReputation today.

Google reviews and SEO

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