5 ways to have a healthy and positive online presence

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May 25, 2022 4:29:35 PM

Your online reputation is key to your business' success. A positive online reputation and a lot of reviews can be a big help in attracting new customers.


On the other hand, negative online reviews can discourage potential customers from reaching out to you for further information. It doesn't matter if your reputation is positive overall.


Your business has to have a good reputation. You are aware of this, but do you understand why you need a good reputation. While every business owner wants their customers to love their business, it shouldn't be the only reason you want to find ways to have a healthy and positive online presence.


5 ways to build a positive online presence


1. Build your social media presence


Social media allows marketers to connect with potential customers wherever they are. LinkedIn and Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, Instagram, and some of the more recent platforms like TikTok. Marketers can connect with their customers by having a solid social media strategy and being able to create engaging content.

Learn TikTok marketing strategies.

One of the greatest benefits of using social media to build human relationships is social media for businesses. Your followers can introduce you to your customers and show how they use and benefit from your products.


2. Social media engagement activities


Comments, retweets, and sharing in private messages with a note are all examples of active engagements. Active engagements are any action that requires thought and consideration on social networks. If you're measuring engagement rates, you can create a standard metric that shows your value over time.


3. Set up Google Alerts


Google Alerts offers many benefits for social media professionals, marketers, business owners, freelancers, and social media specialists.


A google alert is a great way to find new ideas. This will show you the content that others have written about your keyword niche. The alerts can be used to discover new angles or ideas for creating unique content.


4. Create great content consistently


The general content marketing tip is that consistency is more important than frequency. It is better to post three times per week, rather than posting ten times in a single week, and then not at all for the following weeks. Organizations that don't produce content on a regular basis are more likely not to be found by their target audience.


5. Remove unwanted content online


To see what Google name searches are available for your brand name, start with a simple Google search. Next, look at the suggested and related searches for your brand. To find the most popular suggested searches, you can use different modifiers for your search.


Google respects freedoms of expression. You can't get legal help to remove negative content online from past customers, or competitors. Even if it does work, legal action can be expensive. Hiring a reputation management company to deal with the problem is recommended if you have negative search results.


Benefits of Online Reputation Management


It is an understatement to say that consumers value transparency. Customers want to be able to trust you, but only if your business is honest, open, transparent, and communicative. Transparency shows that you are open to being vulnerable, accepting criticism, and learning from your mistakes.


People will be more inclined to do business with people who can show real accountability for things that go wrong. If they are able to address their most pressing concerns and questions, and if they feel you truly care about them, it will make them more likely.


Controlling the narrative


Human beings run businesses, and that means they are susceptible to making mistakes. Most mistakes are not significant and won't have any impact on your business. Sometimes, however, these mistakes can become big or small enough to reach a large audience.


Online reputation management is your best defense when this happens. You can participate in negative conversations about your brand to clarify or defend yourself. You can influence customer perceptions at the time it is most important.


Reach a new audience


Potential customers will see more than your website when they search for your business via Google. They might also see a review by an industry expert, a comparison article between your company and another competitor, or yelp reviews. Positive search results can be the tipping point to converting a potential customer into a customer.


Online reputation management services 


No matter whether you're looking to outsource your online reputation management or prefer to manage it yourself, this is something your company cannot afford to ignore. Monitoring reviews and comments online when people talk about your products and executives.


Creating ways to have a healthy and positive online presence can increase transparency, trust, and customer satisfaction. 


NewReputation is a leading online reputation management service for small businesses.


To learn more about creating a positive online presence, contact NewReputation today.

5 ways to have a healthy and positive online presence

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