How to Opt Out from in Minutes

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Jun 7, 2020 10:27:27 PM

It's effortless to locate information on anyone with The website has over 180 million public records, revealing extensive personal information.


When such information lands in the wrong hands, it could result in personal problems and destroy your online reputation.


This guide will discuss the opt-out process and how to remove information from WhitePages Premium.


What is 


Whitepages gathers and sells public information to help companies target their marketing efforts. 


  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Marriage Records
  • Criminal Records 
  • And more


Landlords often use to screen tenants, employers to screen candidates and other researchers. However, not all information on a Whitepages Report is accurate. The data may need to be corrected, updated, or associated with the wrong person. This can harm a person's reputation.


How did my information get on


Your information can end up on through various sources.


  • Property deeds
  • Public Records
  • Telecom Companies
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Credit Inquiries


The good news is that there are resources provided by the online directory to help you opt out of


Reasons for Opting Out of is one of the most popular and detailed providers of personal information on the internet today. There are many potential dangers of having your home address published online, including stalking and doxxing.


To protect your online privacy, you should start by removing your information from WhitePages. 


If you don't want your details, such as your address, telephone number, and email address, to be listed on, opting out is easy.


We'll show you how to remove your data from the website within minutes with our simple step-by-step guide.


How to Opt-Out of Whitepages


1. Find your name


Visit and perform a search.


2. Locate your information


Select the name that you want to remove from their database.

How do I opt-out of white pages search for free?


The best way to do this is to break it down into listings that best match your information.


Once you have identified your listing, click the “View Details” tab.


3. Copy the URL for your Whitepages profile


Once confident that you have the right information, copy the URL for your Whitepages profile.


Next, visit the Whitepages opt-out page and paste the link there. 

white pages suppression request

4. Verify your information


This is another opportunity to confirm that you have the correct profile. Confirm that the name, address, and other vital information match your profile.


After confirming everything is correct, click “Remove-Me,” and you will be prompted to go to the next step. 


 5. Provide a reason for removing your information


To complete the process, you must provide the reasons for your request. Whitepages will provide you with four reasons that would prompt one to want their page removed, and you need to select one of them. 


The reasons include:



The fourth reason could be that you want your information kept private. Depending on your reason for opting out of Whitepages, choose one of the reasons provided, and submit your request. 


6. Provide your phone number


You will need to provide a phone number to complete your opt-out request


Below the space, you will enter your phone number and see a call button. Click on “Call now to verify.”


After that, wait for a robocall to complete the verification process. Through the call, you are required to enter a verification code that you will be supplied with. 

whitepages opt out


How do I opt out of Whitepages premium?


The process is similar if you are opting out of Whitepages Premium. The only difference is that name searching will take place on Whitepages Premium.


Use this link to visit the opt-out page on Whitepages Premium.


Removing your information from Whitepages Premium will take up to three days.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Legit? 


Whitepages is considered a legitimate service for screening tenants and locating detailed information about individuals. The company was founded in 1997 and received 45 million in funding before being purchased by Algard in 2013.


What can you find out about someone through Whitepages and Whitepages Premium?


  • Name
  • Email
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Court records
  • Employment status
  • Relatives


WhitePages also shares a database with several other data brokers. If your information is on their website, it is also in several different sources. 


What does Whitepages premium include?


You can do unlimited searches on with any membership. Most also provide access to Whitepages Premium, which allows you to look up more details like mobile numbers and historical addresses.


Whitepages premium prices are worth it if your landlord wants to check on potential tenants. 


What does Whitepages premium cost?


Whitepages Unlimited costs $3.99 monthly and provides unlimited primary lookups, including current addresses and landlines. You can also get a refund if you are unsatisfied with the service. Whitepages Unlimited Plus (opens a new tab) costs $4.99/month for up to 20 premium lookups and $19.99 for up to 200 lookups.




Opting out of Whitepages is a proactive step to reclaim control over your personal information and protect your privacy online. By following the steps outlined in this guide and implementing additional privacy measures, you can minimize the risk of your information being misused or exploited on the internet. Remember to stay vigilant and regularly review your online presence to ensure your privacy remains intact.

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