How To how to get mugshot off Google In 3 Easy Steps

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Oct 28, 2019 11:49:31 PM

Anyone that has ever had an incident that involved an arrest, may have had their mugshot posted online for the world to see. We will discuss how to get mugshots off google and deal with these damaging arrest sites.


There are controversial companies that often publish the arrest information mugshots of any person who is arrested for DUI, DWI, or any other offense for that matter, and can often be found in various tabloids and websites.


Mugshot companies make money off your worst moments and unfortunately, these images can remain active for a long time.


Some mugshot websites have been known to charge money for the removal of a mugshot. This is extremely controversial and has been called a form of extortion. This is because they are profiting from a person's ability to save their career or avoid public humiliation, or pay a large fee.


In the last few years, thankfully, Google changed its search algorithm so that search engines do not feature mugshots as prominently as they once did.


Common questions about online mugshots are:

  • How can I get my mugshot off the internet?
  • How do I get my mugshot removed from Google?
  • What’s the cheapest mugshot removal service?
  • Is there free mugshot removal service?


If you Google your name after your arrest, your mugshot may not be visible on the first couple of pages of search pages. Your name is your brand, and you have the right to defend your personal reputation. If you or someone you know has discovered a mugshot posted about you online, there are steps to get a mugshot off Google.


1. Check your local laws

Each state has individual laws that regulate the mugshot publishing industry. These bills often require that operators of mugshot websites remove information about individuals who were arrested but never convicted. This removal would have to occur after a specified period of time and without charging a fee to the person arrested. Check your mugshot removal laws for your state.


2. Check the website's policy

Some mugshot websites have a courtesy removal service if you have been found guilty or you can prove you have improved your life. Although in most cases they will not be eager to help, this is a good first step. Locate the Policy Page of the mugshot website and read the "site policies". It's the section located directly below DEATH THREATS ETC... This brings me to our next step, ask nicely. This is an example from removal

3. Contact the webmaster

The webmaster is the owner or person who is in control of the site. If their information is not readily available, which it probably isn't in the seedy underworld of mugshot posting.. head over to the contact page. Submit your request in a professional and respectful manner. Include a little information about how this is negatively affecting your everyday life and why you are a good candidate for removal.


Here is an example removal request for


Example: Hello, I am requesting the removal of this listing. (include the link to your mugshot) The arrest was ____ ago and since have become a new person. I am a respected businessperson and father/mother/son/daughter. I have satisfied all legal obligations and have since completely transformed my life. The listing of this negative content is affecting my reputation negatively as I am trying to improve it. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

*This request may differ if your arrest record or crime is more severe. website

Don't let negative content affect your life

Seeing your mugshot posted online can be a shocking and scary moment. However, there are options for you to get this listing removed.

Reputation repair services can help you clean up your search results and display accurate and relevant information about your career.

Don't let a negative image from your worst moment define your future. This can affect your career, relationship, and your morale. If you have negative online content and want to get a mugshot off Google, contact NewReputation today for a removal plan.

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