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How to Remove Glassdoor Reviews That are Negative

Apr 23, 2021 3:47:40 PM

You can change your company’s negative Glassdoor review. That statement must have brought you a sigh of relief.

Your Glassdoor reviews usually appear high on search engine results. Glassdoor is an influential forum that receives over 60 million visitors every month.

Research shows that 33% of employees reject job offers due to potential employers’ negative online reputations.

Another 84% of employees considered the employers’ reputations before accepting their current jobs. Financiers may also hesitate to lend to you and customers.

It is challenging to quantify the ultimate financial impact of negative Glassdoor reviews. These losses will no doubt be significant in the long run.

Negative reviews on Glassdoor may or may not be justified. The anonymous nature of the forum can allow disgruntled employees to post unwarranted negative reviews.

The above are some of the reasons why you may be justifiably paranoid about their bad reputation.  

Enough with all the reasons why negative reviews are bad for business. First off, you don't pay the reviewers to remove negative reviews on Glassdoor. It is unethical.

The following are some steps you can take.

glassdoor review

Flag Offending Reviews

Glassdoor allows you to flag any reviews you might find untruthful or violates the terms of Glassdoor any other way. Flagging a comment doesn’t guarantee that the forum will pull it down.

The company usually sends the flagged comments back to the reviewer, asking them to either amend or justify their review. This process can take a long time, and the results may not be what you are seeking.

How do you flag a Glassdoor review?

Anyone can flag a review by clicking on the tiny flag below the comment. You get a drop-down of the site’s community guidelines the review could have violated and select one.

Take Legal Action

You can file a class action lawsuit against Glassdoor to remove the offending comment, but this is unlikely to yield results either. The law protects forums that accept user-submitted content. You can’t force them to reveal the identities of the people who posted the comments or to take the comments down.

The above information makes it clear that it is virtually impossible to pull down a review on Glassdoor.

What can you do about negative reviews?


Open and optimize your Glassdoor account

Glassdoor allows employers to set up accounts. Take advantage of this to create an account and optimize it. You will have greater control of the narrative when you are running the account. You can subscribe to Glassdoor, which gives you more control of the information the people get about your company.


Respond to both Negative and Positive Reviews

Research shows that 62% of Glassdoor users get an improved view of a company and its CEO if it responds to negative reviews. Such comments show potential employees that the company is willing to resolve employee grievances.


Encourage Employees to Review the Company

You can encourage your employees to leave reviews. Explain to them how to leave a review and why such a review is good for the company. Be tactful with the timing when asking your staff for reviews.

For example, ask for reviews after the accomplishment of a team goal. The review is likely to be positive then.

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect Glassdoor review. Even Google, an excellent employer by all accounts, has a 3.3-star review. If you don't have the funds to manage your online reviews proactively, don't beat yourself unnecessarily. Contact New Reputation to help your company with online reputation repair.

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