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How to Find All Accounts Linked to My Email Address

Apr 23, 2021 4:01:30 PM

Data drives most of the industries in today’s world. In fact, most websites require you to sign up with your email id even to simply browse through content. In today’s scenario, protecting your identity and personal information is of utmost importance. That is why it is vital to identify all accounts attached to your email address.


This gives you the liberty to cancel old subscriptions and opt-out of subscriptions that you do not use anymore. Doing this allows you to assess control over confidential information, protecting your privacy and information.


Why Identifying These Accounts is Important


Most people tend to sign up on multiple websites with the same password. What’s more, many of these sites do not use great security features. People do not have any idea about the number of accounts linked to an email address, and a data breach in even one of these websites could reveal a great amount of your digital footprint.


Internet privacy is therefore something that concerns every user. Even the best companies might accidentally end up with a data breach. The best way to protect your online privacy is to take control and minimize exposure. This includes cutting out accounts that you do not need or use anymore.


This could subsequently put other accounts at risk. Your data being compromised is a concern, as this gives away important records, including finances and health. That is why it is vital you have an idea as to how to find all the accounts. Allow only those websites access to your data that you use regularly. This is the best you can do to protect your information online. Understanding the risks will make sure that you avoid any unnecessary sign-ins in the future, and get rid of accounts right away.


How to Find the Accounts


Finding these accounts is not as cumbersome as you might have imagined. Here is what you need to do to figure out accounts that are linked to your email address.

  • Login to your current email address
  • Choose the option ”Manage third party access”
  • This gives you a list of websites that have access to your address. This means that these accounts are linked to the respective email address. Browse through the list carefully.
  • Delete any of the third-party websites you do not need from this list. It is also a good idea to delete anything you might not recognize.
  • Browse through your inbox for emails that are related to the creation of an account. This is a slightly more time-consuming process but needs to be done to ensure your online security and privacy are intact.
  • Make a list of all the sites that have sent you sign-up emails or account creation-related ones.
  • Reach out and take steps to delete the accounts you might not need.


In order to help you simplify the process, search for these common phrases to identify account creation:

  • “Registration complete”
  • “Verify”
  • “Welcome”
  • “Your account has been created”

In cases where you have to reach out via email, make sure to send personalized emails as many sites do not accept automated submissions.


You have the legal right to ask for your data to be removed from websites according to GDPR, which makes the process easier for you.




This process might take some time, but it is imperative to maintain online security. Be sure to carefully deliberate before signing up with your email address for any website in the future, and stay safe. The online sphere is an important part of your daily life and holds a lot of information. You have to be careful as to what you link to avoid any compromise of data.

Accounts Linked to My Email Address


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