How to Stop Receiving Unsolicited Junk Mail - Step by Step Guide

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Dec 20, 2020 1:09:40 PM

Are you tired of receiving an endless number of unsolicited and junk emails?


Dealing with junk mail can be a hassle and an energy drain, but taking simple steps to stop those unwanted ads and offer letters from filling your mailbox is possible. 


Follow this guide to learn how to efficiently handle junk mail and reduce the amount that comes in.


Identify the Sources of Unwanted Mail.


Knowing where the junk mail is coming from is the first step in handling it. Direct mailers often purchase their mailing lists from third-party sources, and they could be targeting homes based on your lifestyle or interests. 


It can be difficult to identify these sources, but reviewing your mail can help you find similarities between them – as many junk mailers use the same text, design, and contact information. 


Once you identify a source of unwanted mail, then you can take steps to stop it.


If you wish to stop unsolicited junk mail, you can do that in 2 ways. 


You can either choose to opt out of receiving them temporarily for five years or permanently. 


Here’s how you can help protect your online privacy and stop receiving unsolicited junk mail..


how to stop junk mail being delivered by the postman


To opt out of receiving junk mail for 5 years


You can call the toll-free number 1-888-567-8688 and choose to opt-out.


Alternatively, you can also visit


Big consumer reporting companies maintain phone numbers and websites.


To opt-out permanently


This process can be initiated online at Opt-Out PreScreen.


The permanent opt-out election form must be signed and returned to them to complete the request. After this, the online request will be successfully initiated.


When you call or visit the website, you will be asked to provide specific personal details, including your name, telephone number, social security number, and date of birth.


However, this information will only be used to process your opt-out request and will be highly confidential. It would help if you were worried about any data breaches here.


If you do not currently have access to the internet, you can also send a written request to opt out of the significant consumer report companies permanently.


We have added some addresses for your convenience:




P.O. Box 919

Allen, TX 75013



Name Removal Option

P.O. Box 505

Woodlyn, PA 19094


Equifax, Inc.


P.O. Box 740123

Atlanta, GA 30374



Innovis Consumer Assistance

P.O. Box 495

Pittsburgh, PA 15230


Just be sure to mention your home telephone number, name, social security number, date of birth, and opt-out request to stop receiving unsolicited junk mail.


How to Stop Junk Mail on iPhone


Tap the sender's email address in the Mail app to block it. Change the Blocked Sender Options to send spam emails to trash automatically. The Blocked Sender Options in the iPhone Settings app, under the Mail heading.


How to Stop Junk Mail in Gmail Account


You can stop junk mail from showing up in your Gmail account by following several steps.


  • Block spam email addresses. 
  • Change your email privacy settings. 
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters or mailing lists. 
  • Use a secondary email address.


These steps will significantly reduce the number of spam emails you receive.


Manually Opt-Out of Unwanted Mailings.


To opt out of receiving mail from the sender, manually contact the mailer by writing a letter or email requesting to be removed from their mailing list with your name and address. Be polite yet firm in your request, and include all necessary information for them to take action.


You can also use the Federal Trade Commission'sCommission's Opt-Out website, which offers many of the largest mailers an easy way for consumers to stop unwanted mailings.


You can start by opting out of public data brokers.


Use Technology to Combat Unwanted Mail.


Technology can also be used to avoid receiving junk mail preemptively. You can download programs such as PaperKarma or Unroll. Me, which automatically unsubscribes you from mailers you have identified using their technology. 


You can also list your name on the Do Not Mail List of the Direct Marketing Association, an organization that works with businesses and nonprofits to help reduce the amount of junk mail they send out.


Keep Your Address Private 


Taking measures to keep your address private can help reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. Request that companies you give your address not to sell or trade it. Consider opting out of mailing lists, including mailing and telephone marketing lists. 


You can do this by calling the company'scompany's customer service number or visiting their website. 


The fastest and easiest way to remove your address from the internet is by contacting NewReputation's online privacy protection.


Reach Out to Your Local Post Office for Assistance.


No matter how careful you are about protecting your mailing address, having a large amount of junk mail can still be overwhelming. If this is the case, contact your local post office for assistance. 


They may be able to stop delivery from certain companies and return pieces of junk mail to the sender to help reduce the amount of mail coming into your house.


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