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Sep 16, 2021 2:45:26 PM

Having your arrest records online will adversely affect many aspects of your life; you need to remove them as fast as possible. It doesn't matter if the arrest was unjustified or even based on mistaken identity. If the police took your mugshot, it is likely to find its way into some website or

One likely result of an online arrest record is that employers, banks, and even countries you want to visit will always find your mugshots during background searches. This is likely to cost you opportunities for jobs, promotions, loans, and even travel. is a great place to start cleaning up your online reputation as it is one of the leading sites where the information would be listed. The following are some ways you can get the info delisted.

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The law requires the website to remove all expunged, sealed, or records of a deceased person. If your records fall under this category or you need the records of a deceased loved one erased, you can contact the webmaster.

The website will require documentary proof. If the person in question is dead, you will need to present a death notification and court records for sealed or expunged records. You can also go to court and request a non-disclosure order and submit it to the website is granted. The website will remove the information within 72 hours (allegedly) of receiving convincing evidence.  However, once this request is made, this information can be taken to Google for exploitative removal.

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Request for Removal

In this case, you contact the webmaster and request them to remove your record. The method applies when you don't meet any of the requirements in the first option, but you still want the information removed. You explain your predicament to the webmaster, and they might want to negotiate terms depending on the website's policy. You might need to give a financial consideration or meet other requirements for the process to be successful.

Opt-Out Request

Some states require to have a mandatory opt-out bar on their website to enable listed people to remove their records. Deleting your record should be simple enough if you are a resident of such a state. However, the website is likely to refuse your request if you can't prove your residence in such a state. You may, therefore, need to list an eligible state as your second residence and apply.

It is important to note that doesn't isn't the central database when exploring this option. Visit and search your records before opting out. Opting out takes a few days after requesting.

File a Lawsuit

There may be instances where stonewalls you as you try to opt-out based on the rules of your resident state. In such an instance, you can sue to enforce your rights as a resident of the state in question.

Having your records expunged is also a legal process that will require you to go through the courts. In both instances, you will present the court order to the webmaster, and they will have no choice but to delete the records. Removal Guide


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