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Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation

Delphia Debra
Aug 1, 2020 10:21:01 PM

When we talk about digital reputation management and online profile defenders, many people make the mistake of thinking that these topics should only matter to celebrities and politicians who obviously have images to protect. However, contrary to that line of thought, everyone has a reputation to manage, whether big or small. It is worthy to note that cleaning up your online reputation will always matter in your circle of influence regardless of how minuscule or vast that circle might be.

In today’s digital world, especially with the availability of many social media sites and sharing platforms, posts, or communications that can lead to reputation issues. Online profile defenders can help you remove negative content from the internet.

clean up your online reputation

Examples of reputation bashing sites


Reports on these websites can quickly go viral to millions of audiences and can linger forever on the web. Reputation bashing websites tell a very one-sided story from a consumer who had a bad experience or wants to defame your name. When these websites rank on the first page of Google search results for your name, customers will get the wrong impression of you. This is where the help of online profile defenders can boost your personal reputation.

bury negative search results

However, such reputation issues are capable of ruining great opportunities. Imagine working hard for many years to get the qualifications you need for your dream job, and finally landing the attention of the hiring manager. Only to get overlooked because of a single reputation mistake you made a long time ago that puts a dent on your character, and which might actually not define who you truly are. You surely don’t want that, or anything similar.

If you already understand that you don’t need to be a celebrity to need to clean up your online reputation, the next question should be about how to go about defending your reputation.

How Do I Clean Up My Online Reputation?

Find Out What Is Out There About You

The first step in defending your digital reputation is to find out exactly the kind of content is associated with you on the internet which anyone searching for you can find. Start by searching your name on different social media sites and other platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you find any inappropriate images or posts from reputation bashing sites or social media profiles, contact a reputation management company to defend your reputation. specializes in removing irrelevant and negative content from search results.

Personal Branding Services

In case you don’t know, you can leverage the various social media sites as a marketing tool to defend your reputation and that of your business. If you are hoping to find opportunities from a specific audience, a profile defender can assist you in finding opportunities to change the sentiment toward your brand. You simply have to optimize your profile and content to appeal to the audience you want to attract.

For example, if your audience is mostly women, Pinterist is an ideal marketing platform for your business. If you are marketing to generation z, TikTok is where you will find the most accurate demographic.

Control The Narrative

It won’t take much to publicly disembowel your reputation on social media since things can get out of hand pretty fast on there. That is why you need a high level of discipline to keep yourself and your reputation in check. Try to set rules or a code of conduct for yourself to guide all your activities online.

In cases where you are triggered by other persons, for instance, you are harassed by cyberbullies on any of the social media sites, hire a reputation management company to defend your reputation. Be careful not to retaliate or do something that could be perceived by others as having contributed to the problem.

How To Defend Your Reputation Against Cyber Bullying

Try not to respond to cyberbully unless you are only going to calmly ask them to stop. If this does not work, check your state laws to see if there are provisions that protect against cyber bullying or contact law enforcement to investigate. Contact to defend your reputation from reputation bashing sites. When you need to remove content from search results, employing a team of profile defenders is a powerful tool.

cyber bullying

In conclusion, cleaning up your online reputation matters a lot regardless of your present position or status, since a bad reputation is capable of stealing fantastic opportunities from you at any point. However, the point of trying to craft your legacy is to ensure that when people search for you or your brand on the web, they won’t find things that can affect your chances of getting the opportunities coming your way or your business.


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