Reddit Karma: Can You Grow Your Business With Reddit?

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May 27, 2020 11:56:14 PM

Are you considering expanding your marketing on other social media platforms outside the traditional ones? Have you considered using Reddit?

If not, you may not know that Reddit is one of the largest, most visited interactive platforms; however, underutilized for social reputation. Learn how to increase your Reddit Karma and build your brand with Reddit.

According to Alexa, it is the 6th most popular site in the United States and the 18th in the world.

“The front page of the internet,” as Reddit calls itself, is a social bookmarking website structured around users submitting content others can vote on (upvote or downvote). The most popular content rises to the top.

Before going into all the details, let’s find out who is on Reddit.

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Who is on Reddit?

Though Reddit is quite anonymous since users don’t give their gender or birthdays while signing up, here’s what we found about Reddit users.

42% of internet users in the United States between ages 18 to 24 use Reddit.

This shows that the site is growing in popularity among people of this age. It is expected to keep growing in the coming years.

45% of people between the ages of 25 to 34 use Reddit

This constitutes nearly half of the Reddit user database. However, a third of the Reddit users fall in the age range of 30 to 49.

This shows that you can successfully target young and middle-aged adults on the platform.

While the platform attracts male and female users, 2/3 of Reddit users are male. These users are also highly engaged, spending 16 minutes on average on the site.

However, just like all online communities, Reddit has a certain degree of “reddiquette” which users must follow. These rules apply to all subreddits. Each subreddit also has its guidelines for posting. If you are wondering what a subreddit is, let’s find out.

What are Subreddits




Virtually every topic or category you can think of has a subreddit on Reddit. From Reddit Fake ID vendors to steaming NFL games, someone has created a subreddit for it. Subreddits are like niche forums or communities that collectively define Reddit. Each subreddit is dedicated to one topic.

You'll find thousands of subreddits on the platform, each with unique rules guiding content and link submissions. Each begins with, for instance,

Reddit's Reputation is Karma

People on Reddit are constantly looking for content that piques their interest to click on. And the good news is external links are the most popular content types, and they drive the most engagement.

So your website has a high chance of doing well on Reddit if you create unique, progressive, curious, or simply eye-candy content that will appeal to your target audience. This is a great way to build your brand and get noticed on Reddit.

However, suppose you want to take advantage of the Reddit marketing opportunity to register accounts and post-sales pitches, expecting a massive traffic boost, just like an average marketer. In that case, you will miss the chance to make it there.

How to build Reddit Karma

This is because Redditors are fiercely protective of their communities, and they loathe brands who try to hijack a subreddit for personal gain.

If you don't want to be flagged as spam and submitted for abuse, post original, valuable content and engage genuinely.

Your trust score on Reddit is known as karma. You can receive karma on Reddit from posts and comments. Known as "post karma" and "comment karma." When your posts or comments get upvoted by a user, your profile receives more karma. This karma reflects how much a user has contributed on Reddit and the total votes the user has received.

How to Choose the Right Audience

If you try Reddit advertising, since you'll be able to reach your ideal audience on the front page, here are ways to find the perfect audience.

Location Targeting

The main form of location targeting on Reddit advertising is by country. However, if need be, advertisers in the United States can also target down to the state and city levels. Your ad can show worldwide if you don't select a target location.

Interest Targeting

You can also target users who have recently interacted with particular content categories. This targeting is quite broad with the key phrase "recently interacted" and not just those currently looking at the interest.

Subreddit Targeting

Reddit advertisers can also target users who have recently interacted with or are currently subscribed to a particular subreddit.


There's no better place for you than on Reddit if you are targeting specific niches. The right websites can get their brands before engaging visitors with something to say on this platform. Reddit advertising may only work for some brands, but it can be beneficial if used properly.

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