Reputation Management Trends To Focus on in 2023

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Dec 24, 2022 1:40:40 PM

The digital age has put many of us front and center and easily accessible to people throughout the world. However, having this type of access or exposure means you need to consider what that personal brand will look like to people. Whether it's your future employer, a business partner, or anyone considering doing a venture with you, your personal reputation needs to be properly managed. This will continue throughout 2023, and here are some of the most important areas to consider.


Clean Up Social Media Accounts


Do a deep dive into the accounts you can control and start eliminating anything that is irrelevant to you or could be deemed negative. For example, maybe you thought those parties may have been 'awesome' during your college years, but they no longer need to be shared with the outside world so openly. It's not just about deleting those types of pictures you don't want people to see but also eliminating places where your friends or connections may have tagged you.


While you cannot always eliminate everything out there, you can also focus on changing your privacy settings on these social media channels to restrict them to only an inner circle, or better yet, have two accounts, one for personal and one for your personal branding.

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Remove your personal information


This goes back to ensuring that you have the right level of privacy on your accounts. Even with that, there's no need to share specific details online ever. Your friends know how to reach you, and a business prospect or a company with a potential job will also have ways of reaching you. There is no need for your home address, email address, or personal number to be online for everyone to see. Chances are spammers may take that information and add it to their own databases to push out content. These digital platforms have their own built-in communications where you don't need to do that.


Work on keeping your Earned Media


Now that you've spent time cleaning up and protecting yourself in the future, you want to work on this key piece. Your own media, which are social media channels and sites that you control, will always need refinement. Earned Media is what 3rd parties are saying about you (hopefully in a positive light). Here it's not about maintenance but about cultivation. You want to ensure that you spend the appropriate amount of time with these influencers, media outlets, and, more importantly, your engaged community and fans. These are the ones that get no benefit out of saying something positive about your personal brand, yourself, or maybe even a product or service you are working on pushing.


That means you want to respect the time and effort they have shown you and see how to expand the relationship. Earned media is what you need in your personal reputation management, but you need to work on it because that will help you consistently grow online.


For those that are looking for support in actively managing their personal reputations online and want the best strategies, contact NewReputation today for a Free Consultation.

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