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Why Do You Need Reputation Marketing?

Delphia Debra
Jul 15, 2021 8:49:48 PM

Today's business world is highly influenced by the Internet. People are spending more and more time on the World Wide Web, consuming content, liking and commenting on posts, and expressing their opinions on everything under the sun. Therefore, it is becoming more and more crucial for brands to have a positive reputation on the web.


This ever-increasing need for brands to maintain a favorable online image has given rise to reputation marketing– modern-day marketing that has the power to take your business to the height of success!


Want to know more about a successful reputation marketing strategy and why is it necessary for businesses today? Keep reading!

What is Online Reputation Marketing?

Reputation marketing is an emerging field of marketing that helps businesses highlight positive brand content like customer reviews, 5-star ratings, positive brand content, etc. It leverages traditional digital marketing tactics to promote the existing good impression of your business to boost sales and revenue.


The online reputation marketing initiatives focus on using positive social media comments, customer reviews, and feedback to enhance search engine performance, marketing campaigns, and consumer engagement levels. Reputation marketing is basically used to create a positive impact on your brand perception.


According to a survey, 90% of consumers accept that online reviews influence their buying decisions.


And 94% of buyers said a negative review drives them away from a business.


Your online image matters a lot for the overall reputation of your brand. And having an adequate reputation marketing strategy is necessary for your business.

Why Does Reputation Marketing Matter for Your Business?

Let's look at how a proper online reputation marketing strategy can help your business.

1.   Increases brand awareness

Positive reviews, high ratings, and great customer feedback can go a long way in popularizing your brand. Reputation marketing helps you to bring these positive reviews front and center. This increases not only your brand awareness but also the customer's trust in your business.

2.   More lead generation

Hiring a reputation marketing service or doing it yourself helps you promote your brand's prestige on the internet. When people see that others are talking about your business in a positive light, they will trust you and will likely buy your product or service. This will increase your conversion rate.

3.   Helps in attracting/ retaining qualified employees

Nobody wants to work for a business with a poor reputation, right? So when you proper online reputation management, candidates would automatically be attracted to your company. They'd want to stick around for longer and continue working with you.

4.   Positive word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth spreads faster than anything else on the internet. When you have a powerful reputation marketing strategy, people will notice all the good things others say about you. It will not only boost their confidence in you but will make them talk about your brand to their followers, friends, and families in a positive way too. This will act as wonderful free advertising, and you will get some new customers as well!

5.   Increased profits

Negative reviews drive people away, and positive ones make them stay with a business. That's hardly news! So when you have a favorable online reputation, people are going to buy from you. As a reputed brand, you can even charge more for your products and increase your profits significantly. It all starts with a well-thought reputation marketing strategy!


Your online reputation is one of your biggest assets in today's internet-friendly world. And so, it is in your best interest to strengthen your digital prominence and create a solid brand image.


Reputation marketing helps you take control of your digital reputation by promoting, monitoring, regulating, and acquiring positive brand content. If you are looking for reputation marketing services to assist you in creating a powerful strategy, then we at NewReputation are here for you!


NewReputation is one of the fastest-growing reputation management services. We optimize your digital assets, manage online reviews, and fix your search results. We effectively deal with all the unflattering content about your brand and help you reach your full potential.


With NewReputation, you get to control the narrative!


Click here to book a free consultation with us. Let's succeed together!

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