5 Effective Tips to Improve your Hotel Reputation Management

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Dec 13, 2022 10:47:29 AM

Do you manage a hotel and want to improve your hotel review management? Don't know how to do it? Then you've come to the right place.


Reviews are social proof for hotels and other hospitality businesses and greatly impact people's attitudes and decision-making. Understandably, hotel review management is not a simple process. However, with enough focus, it can be a great method for gaining competitive strength in your industry and region.


In this article, we have highlighted 5 essential tips to help you boost your online hotel review management. We hope you find them beneficial.

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What is Hotel Reputation Management?


Hotel online reputation management refers to hotel owners' tactics and instruments to observe, respond to, and improve how their property, service, and product are viewed online.


It incorporates reviewing sites, social media platforms, and search engines. The most important strategy is to encourage positive reviews while preventing negative ones by responding to both immediately with a printed guest comment.


There are other tactics, such as monitoring online reviews and comments, responding to reviews appropriately and promptly, developing campaigns to increase reviews, and utilizing reputation management software or brand monitoring tools.


Why is Hotel Reputation Management So Important?


In the hotel industry, reputation management is critical because it is crucial to better income by gaining the confidence of potential clients and fostering relationships with previous clients.


According to one study that looked at the impact of a hotel's rating and reviews on online purchases, a one-point increase in a review score is equivalent to a 9% increase in ADR. Similarly, a 10% increase in reviews can result in a 4.4% increase in sales.


Given these statistics and the business conditions, it is critical to have positive reviews. Also, it's important to proactively manage your online reputation to ensure that a negative review does not harm your business.


5 Effective Tips to Improve your Hotel Reputation Management


To ensure the management of your hotel's reputation, you should know some tips for optimizing hotel performance. Here are five tactics or tips to help you maintain your hotel's reputation management strategy.


1.    Improve Social Media Activity


Approximately 72% of customers prefer watching visuals before purchasing any services or products. As a result, setting up a free social listening strategy is critical to improving your hotel's reputation management.


Furthermore, social media platforms can help you connect with your customers and virtually represent your brand. In fact, through social media activity, you can maintain an active relationship with your intended audience. This will ensure consistency, which is essential for developing and sustaining a strong sense of community among planners and target audiences.


2.    Conduct Guest Satisfaction Surveys


A survey can effectively encourage guests to leave a review, especially if they are pleased with their stay. 


Ask a few inquiries about their satisfaction level and then encourage them to leave a comment at the end. To encourage guests to complete the survey, offer them a voucher on their next stay if they do so. It's an excellent opportunity to increase customer loyalty.


3.    Quick hotel review management.


Safeguarding your online reputation against misleading information and baseless allegations is important quickly because every second that passes can be damaging to your company.


It is critical to address negative feedback on digital platforms within 24 hours. This prevents prospective consumers from clicking away from your property's listing based on the feedback they read. As a result, respond to any negative feedback as soon as possible.


4.    Establish a protocol.


The use of templates aids in automating the process of handling reviews and your reputation. Although you should tailor the feedback to each review, using templates with various recommended answers will help establish the tone and ensure that you stick to the protocol.


These templates should, overall, provide a greeting, potential responses to various types of feedback, and closure. You can customize the message to your specific requirements, always providing solutions while remaining courteous and timely in your responses.


5.    Start encouraging guests to leave feedback.


Customers frequently forget to leave feedback online after their stays, so asking them about their feedback is essential. You can obtain feedback by emailing your visitors asking for a review of their stay. Or you can create a special page on your site to capture feedback and reviews. 


Asking for feedback at the point of sale is another method for receiving them more quickly, personally, and directly.  During checkout, for example, you give over a device, such as an iPad or tablet, to your client so that they can replace a short form.




The hotel industry is both profitable and competitive. As a result, to compete in this market, you must improve your hotel review management. 


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