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What Is Your Reputation Score On MyLife.com?

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Feb 6, 2020 11:35:47 PM

What You Need To Know About MyLife.com


MyLife.com is a data aggregate that gathers personal information through public records and other sources to generate a MyLife page for you automatically. Your public profile can include personal details about your past that you might not want people to know. 


The public page can highlight a wide variety of personal information, such as:


  • Past and current addresses
  • Your age
  • Phone number
  • Education
  • Photographs
  • Your bio
  • Email addresses
  • Families
  • And more


Other things include your review section, which encourages other members on the site to rate you or make an instant judgment of your brand’s image and reputation. MyLife uses all this information to compile or create a reputation score. Your MyLife reputation score consists of several information sources that determine whether you are reputable.


What is a Reputation Score?


An online reputation score is calculated from everything left behind in your digital footprint. A digital footprint is a piece of information that users leave behind after being online. There are two types: passive and active digital footprints. Passive footprints are created when data is collected without the user being aware.


What makes up your reputation score?


  • Court/Criminal records
  • Financial information
  • Social media profiles
  • Images
  • Personal reviews


What Is MyLife Reputation Score?


MyLife claims that its reputation score is what people use to decide everything — whether they want to do business with you, be friends with you, live with you, date you, and more.


The only thing that differentiates MyLife from other data aggregate sites is its limited number of services, such as address history, reverse phone number lookup, and contact information, for a small one-time fee. But MyLife generates your reputation score using all your data.


How does MyLife Reputation Score work?


A MyLife Reputation Score is based on background details, personal reviews, and social media posts and is constantly updated. They provide a quick method to assess anyone. The company said they access the following information for them to be able to calculate an individual’s reputation score:


  • Criminal and Civil Court Records
  • Lawsuits
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Income
  • Property records
  • Social media
  • Work & education history
  • Photos
  • Personal reviews
  • Complete contact details.


MyLife also allows people to search for anyone in the U.S., read their auto-generated public page, and review them.


MyLife says your reputation score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm incorporating details in your background report and reviews written by those who know you. It says many things about your character and life experiences and is used to assess you in many situations.

what makes up your reputation score

There are a lot of things that go into your MyLife reputation score. MyLife.com has a significant impact on your internet reputation. However, a well-defined online reputation management strategy can get both moving appropriately.


What is a good reputation score on MyLife?


A MyLife Reputation score ranges from 0 to 5, with 0 being the lowest and 5 being a perfect score. A good reputation score ranges from 3 to 5 on MyLife. The highest number (5) puts you on the high end of the website. A score below three will display damaging information impacting your score. 


The company says a bad reputation can hurt you personally and professionally. 

 Reputation score on MyLife

How did MyLife get my information?


MyLife gets your information by crawling through public records, social media websites, and other sources throughout the web that make up your digital footprint. Then use all the information to develop your background report. 


 Why am I getting emails from MyLife?


When you sign up for MyLife.com, they collect your details, such as name, phone number, email, and location. Once they have your email address, they will periodically send emails telling you someone is searching for you. It is widely known that this is a false solicitation. 


MyLife.com might indicate that your background report has an "arrest record" if you don't have any criminal history of having a minor offense, such as a speeding ticket, which does not constitute a criminal conviction. This is an additional false solicitation to get users to sign up for a long-term contract. 


The Details MyLife Provide


The company's user-friendly dashboard features an individual's online reputation score and background report side-by-side and offers background information about that person.


You can also review your customized report alongside a little summary which includes your current addresses, property, current and previous job, phone numbers, education, age, bio, and social media profiles.


MyLife provides insight on improving your reputation score and looking your best online. They provide insight into what makes up your score and a plan to improve it. Their dashboard also displays a chart of your progress and the scores of others related to you. 


How Social Media Affects MyLife Reputation Score?


Your social media impacts significantly on the quality of your MyLife reputation score. The reason is that your records are based on the data that make up your online reputation. This includes both positive and negative posts you have made or responded to in the past. 


Bad Reputation Score on MyLife.com?


A low reputation score is anything below 3.0. A bad reputation on MyLife will include court records, bankruptcy, or personal review alerts in your profile. 


MyLife compiles a profile about your personal life and, sadly, pulls that information from various public records. In this digital age, your online privacy is vulnerable like never before.


How to improve your reputation score?


A well-customized, concentrated online reputation management strategy can be the solution to your MyLife reputation score. It will require time, effort, and consistency. If you are unable to devote the amount of time needed to manage your online reputation, we recommend that you contact NewReputation to help you improve your reputation score., 


Start managing your reputation by:

  • Removing any unflattering or irrelevant search results from the internet.
  • Creating new and positive content to control your first page.
  • Monitoring your search results for any further information that may surface.


An online reputation management campaign can help correct a bad MyLife reputation score by placing you in total control of your brand.


Learn how to delete content from the internet.


How to Remove My Info From MyLife?


For anyone with privacy and identity theft concerns, you can proactively remove your information from MyLife by visiting their opt-out page:


If MyLife refuses to remove your information, contact their company immediately. 


  1. Send a request to privacy@mylife.com
  2. Call their customer care at (888) 704-1900.


You can choose either of the above options. Be sure to include your first and last names, previous addresses, and date of birth in the request.


Lastly, don't forget to request your personal information be removed from ALL sites owned by MyLife.


No matter how MyLife may point out vital things affecting your reputation, an online reputation management company can help you protect online privacy and manage your MyLife reputation score.

online reputation score

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