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How to Fix Top Class Action Lawsuits

Feb 16, 2021 2:47:45 PM

Picture this...

You’ve typed your company's name into your computer to see what shows up in the search results. You begin to scroll down, and for the most part, everything you expect to see is there—your company’s LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, your website, and so on.

But suddenly, you notice that your business’s name has shown up on a site that goes by the name

You have no recollection of this site, and your company doesn’t have any pending class-action lawsuits.

So what’s going on? 


What is


This site was founded to create a database of sorts for customers interested in knowing what lawsuits a company has.

Ever since Top Class Actions was established in 2008, it has been posting details on various class action lawsuits in a simplified and easy-to-read manner.

If you go to the website’s front page, you’ll see many recognizable brands that have had a lawsuit in recent months. 

remove top class action lawsuit

These lawsuits range from mundane legal disputes to massive lawsuits that have had a significant effect on the company.

Although it is undeniable that this site is an excellent source of information about this topic, larger businesses tend to be unaffected by these posts because they usually have large marketing teams dedicated to preserving the company's image.

Small businesses, on the other hand, can be hit hard by these unwanted search results.  

So Why can This be Detrimental to Your Company? 


The tricky thing about this site is that they display class action lawsuits that are open and closed.

This means that even if your company has already dealt with the lawsuit, it’s still going to show up as part of your search results.

Many companies have had to deal with frivolous or unfair lawsuits that were settled quickly.

However, having pop up as one of the first sites under your company can downgrade your company’s reputation. This is where online reputation repair can help!

top class action lawsuits

You must remember that a good first impression is essential when you’re trying to draw in consumers.

When potential customers are trying to find out more about a company, the first thing that they’ll do is go onto a search engine like google and look at your results.

When unwanted search results show up, it gives a bad impression of your company, and thus, this individual will be less likely to sign up for your services or buy your products.

But if you’re stuck in this position and you’re not sure what to do, you mustn't fear cause there is a solution for your problem. 


What can you do to Change These Unwanted Search Results


Dealing with unpleasant search results is tricky because there are many intricate details that you need to be aware of.

Furthermore, most companies already have their hands full with running their business and establishing a successful marketing campaign.

That’s where we can help you out. 

At NewReputation, specialize in helping our clients fix their reputations.

A single bad search result like can change the perception of your company, and we can suppress these results to restore your reputation.

Don’t let a few small search results damage your current reputation; simply get in touch with us, and we’ll fix this issue in no time. 

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