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Executive Reputation Matters: Here's Why

Kevin James Curran
Aug 10, 2021 3:37:04 PM

If you are an aspiring professional, you must know how important executive reputation is. If you know what people are talking about you, it helps you build your brand, and more importantly, build yourself. A strong executive presence surpasses all the possible leadership qualities that you may have. And, a very strong tool that propels executive presence is executive reputation.


How well you manage your executive reputation reflects directly on your business’s core and the various operations it undertakes. When you have an excellent executive reputation, your customers trust your brand and willingly invest in it more.


Taking control of your conversations with your customers, ensuring people find the right materials and services that they approach your brand for, and responding accurately to every feedback, both positive and negative, you receive, is a testament to how well the executive reputation of your company is.


When it comes to executive reputation, you must learn not only to build and manage it but also safeguard it for long-term, beneficial returns. The internet has taken over the better half of our lives. This has made it imperative for a potential customer to Google your brand, read what others have to say about your brand, and verify how authentic your services are before they can establish a relationship of trust.


Besides a customer, it is highly likely for future stakeholders, or someone looking forward to investing and engaging with your brand to also rely on Google to gather all the information about your company.


Thus, it is important that when someone is likely to stumble upon your brand, they should get a good image of it, and only find it for all the right and appropriate reasons.

Online Execute Reputation Management

Online executive reputation management is all about applying the right techniques, tools, and strategies to take control of your online conversation and providing people with the right resources.


There is no denying the fact that people have started viewing the online, internet world as their first source of information. This makes it important for professionals to handle their executive reputation and consecutively put their best foot forward.


Before you proceed to manage your reputation, it is important to identify the position of your brand, service, or identity. You can view the status of your online executive reputation and online presence through various credible factors like the traffic you attract, your customers, your competitors, and more.


Once you verify whether your reputation is working for or against you, you can work towards monitoring and improving it henceforth. Given how advanced the area of information technology has gotten, online executive reputation management puts your brand in good light. Building and managing a good digital public image will fetch you the right customers.


Customers are the heart of any business. When you deliver them the services that you promise, ensure that you pass on to them all the relevant information associated with your brand, only then will your business flourish and excel.


It is important to keep a constant check on your online presence. You can Google your brand’s name and check if your company is a part of the first few listings, and if the links that are associated with it are negative or positive.

Executive Reputation

How to Build an Executive Reputation

The sooner you learn to build and manage your executive reputation, the better. Unless you do it for yourself, other people will. Here are a few tips that you must ensure to build your executive reputation:


  • Develop a conversational approach where you make your customers feel comfortable reaching out to you. If you spot an issue, query, or problem, make sure you respond to it immediately. Handling executive reputational crisis is a part and parcel of building up your executive reputation. Negative publicity is a major source of a reputational crisis, so when you see it happening, publicize the intention and message of your company which can help you restore your brand’s reputation.


  • After catering to an issue, make sure you follow up with your customers if they had a satisfactory experience or not. If you were successful in executing a positive resolution, be vocal about it and express your success to the masses as well.


  • Build a healthy work culture where you value your employee’s opinions and suggestions. When you work upon increasing and improving your employee’s involvement and engagement towards your company, you improve your brand’s reputation in return. When you foster a positive work culture, you cultivate your reputational growth and improve your business’s image.


  • If your sales begin to decline, look out for trend and marketing strategies that focus on the development of your brand or product. There are plenty of online trends flooding over the internet space, every month. Be on the lookout for the ones that target your brand or the products that you endorse, and make sure to take full advantage of them. This will not only help build your executive reputation but will also keep you relevant.


  • Have multiple social media profiles and try to remain active on as many platforms as possible. Build an engaging website that provides all the relevant information. Update your brand’s design frequently to keep it fresh and relevant.


Final Words

Building an excellent executive reputation is the sure-shot way to your business’s success. However, no matter how long as it takes to build a reputation, there are chances of ruining it in a much shorter time. The quote “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” by Warren Buffet encapsulates the idea behind executive reputation aptly.


The road to success is not as difficult as it may seem. Be consistent with the delivery of your promises, strategize along the way, propagate content that is attractive to your customers, and eventually, protect your brand from any foreseeable crisis.

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