How to optimize your Facebook page for SEO

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Dec 22, 2019 9:08:28 PM

Despite this opportunity, many businesses have found it hard to optimize their Facebook pages to attract relevant and quality traffic. Facebook has improved its SEO to help page owners to reach a broader market.

Following this SEO guide will answer how to get on the first page of Google and get more Facebook followers.

Discussed below are six strategies to help you optimize your Facebook business page for SEO.


1. Choose the right page name

The title of your Facebook business page is the first thing to consider when optimizing your Facebook page for SEO. You should choose a name that represents your business. This could be the name of your business and the service you offer. Selecting a generic name with terms like Sports or Entertainment will only serve to hurt your efforts of reaching your potential customers.

First, when customers search on Facebook, they find so many pages with similar names which confuses them.

Second, lately, Facebook has been disabling updates for pages with generic names which makes it difficult for your business page to reach your customers. Also, the name should contain a few keywords that represent your business. You should avoid keyword stuffing your business's Facebook page name since the first word in your page title is the most important in the eyes of Google.

A page name with too many keywords also appears spammy making users disable its updates.




2. Create a custom Facebook page URL

Facebook allows you to choose your vanity URL. A good Facebook page URL makes it easy for customers to find your page on. You should personalize your URL to include your brand name. This strengthens your brand recognition and makes your URL easy to remember.


create a custom facebook url


3. Use keywords strategically on your Facebook page

Keyword optimization is very critical for social media marketing. You can optimize your Facebook business page for SEO by placing Keywords in strategic areas of your page.

This will make your page to appear top in search results hence improving your find-ability. Some of the essential areas to use keywords include; your Title page, URL, and the ‘About Us’ section. Just like in other SEO strategies, your page title will act as your Meta Title Tag and your description on the ‘About Us’ will be the Meta description tag.

Ensure you do not overuse the Keywords and keep your description short and relevant. You can use up to 14 characters in your description. You can also attract more relevant users to your page by using keywords in your Facebook content.

More social media users are likely to find and engage with your content when they search for these keywords.


how to reach the first page of google


4. Optimize your status updates for SEO

Facebook gives you an option that says ” Write something…” when sharing photo updates and images on your Facebook. Whatever you write in this section of your status updates serves as the meta description. Since Facebook remembers the first 18 characters of your status updates, make sure you optimize this description well.

You can do this by adding Keywords as well as adding a link to your business website.

5. Backlink to your fan page

Google views sites that have many quality inbound links as authority sites. Such sites rank better in search results. This applies to Facebook business pages. You should, therefore, ensure you have a number of quality backlinks to your fan page.

These links can be from your other Social media sites, blogs, or even your business website.


create backlinks from facebook


6. Update your business info

Your business information allows social media users to locate your business. Besides, it enables indexing for local searches which assists in growing your Facebook page followers.

Your business info should include phone numbers, address, business category, company overview, products, and working hours. You can add links and keywords in your business info as it's essential for google searches.


how to change your business page name


In Conclusion

The primary objective of Facebook pages is to connect your business to prospective customers. It is therefore essential to make your business Facebook personable and customize it to attract the audience that you want. Following the guidelines above will help your Facebook business page SEO to be effective and successful in enhancing your digital marketing strategies.

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