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How to Remove Your Court Records from the Internet?

Dec 26, 2022 11:31:16 AM

Are you fed up with strangers searching your name on the Internet and discovering a mistake you made years ago? Are you concerned that negative content will jeopardize new opportunities in the future? Do you want to learn how to remove court records from the internet? Then you've come to the right place.


In our lives, we've all made mistakes. Those mistakes can sometimes result in being arrested or appearing in court. You may be shocked to discover that your court records are relatively easy to find online if you've ever been arrested or sued. Websites like UniCourt, Leagle, and Justia are online databases for public court records. In fact, the rise of the Internet has made it feasible for anyone to have immediate access to criminal records and other personal information.


Most people also want to delete their criminal records to pass background checks for jobs, residential, apply to universities, or own a weapon. However, doing it yourself is not an easy task.


Fortunately, we have highlighted some tips in this article that can help you remove or significantly reduce people's access to your online public records. We also discussed why removing these court records from the Internet is critical.


Why Removing Your Court Records from The Internet is Important?


Facing a court case is complex and often traumatic, primarily if you are found guilty. Whether you won or lost the case, whether you were the defendant or the plaintiff, whether the case is old or new, or anything else makes no difference. This public information can end up on the internet forever.


Most people who read the search results will merely see that you were engaged in legal proceedings and will have a negative reaction. They'll assume you were sued or caught doing something shady or always caught up in the drama.


Furthermore, the specifics of your case may seriously jeopardize your future opportunities. You may have lost that job offer you were so close to getting, or you may have just started a new partnership that is now on the rocks, all because of these private documents on the Internet.

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4 Tips to Help You Remove Your Court Records from the Internet


Here are four proven and well-trusted tips that will help you remove your court records from the Internet.


Consult with Your County Clerk First


The first method necessitates a trip to the clerk's office. You can request them to remove the records only under certain conditions. You may be surprised by the power of a phone call or simply asking for a result.


Certain information may be difficult to remove from the county clerk's office. The clerk will not honor a removal request if there is no legitimate court order for them to do so. However, this is the best place to start.


Request Public Records Expungement


Expungement is a court-ordered procedure that erases an individual's court report, criminal charges, or mugshot images from public records. In summary, expungement is a type of revocation of a criminal conviction.


It is up to the court to decide whether the public court case files and records are removable from the public databases. You will need the assistance of an attorney to file for an expunction.


Common ineligible offenses include violent offenses, homicides and impaired driving (DUI) are all examples. Check your state's requirements to learn more about your eligibility for criminal expungement. 


Hire an Online Content Removal Lawyer


A legal representative can assist you in removing your records from publicly accessible database systems. Having an online content removal lawyer send a cease and desist letter to a website may be enough to persuade them in removing information.


Many attorneys also offer free consultations to assist you in comprehending the legal removal process. Moreover, the attorney-client privilege is also useful when working to restore or preserve your online reputation.


Hiring a content removal attorney will be costly. Also, the retainer is typically an upfront cost with no guaranteed results. Spending thousands of dollars for a lawyer only to find out they are unable to remove the content is risky. 


Hire an Online Management Reputation Firm


If you are unable to achieve a not guilty verdict, dismissal, or court order the next best solution is to hire an online reputation management company to deindex or suppress court records from the internet. They know several strategies, such as DMCA takedown notices and website Terms of Service (ToS) violations, and exploitive removal practices to help you speed up the process.


This entails working with the website owner, as well as Google, to get the court records to stop showing up when you Google yourself.


Online reputation management companies focus on managing the search results for your brand to ensure they are positive. Anyone that researches you online will see positive and accurate search results to give them the best opinion of your professional career. The strategy is to focus on several specific keywords, removing any irrelevant or negative content, and other SEO methods to increase traffic and clicks, and ranking to the pages that matter most.


With enough content and consistent online posting, you will be able to bury search results on Google with positive results over time.




Google search results can either improve or harm your online reputation. Especially if you're a small business or a single person with minimal content to your name, court records are likely to be the best search result Google can display, which will severely harm your business.


NewReputation focuses on removing any negative information from your search results. We have a high success rate for removing court records from the internet.


NewReputation is the leading online reputation management firm in the online reputation management services industry. We ensure that any personal information is cleared from public records, never to haunt your future. Our teams have assisted thousands of clients in removing unwanted content from the Internet, such as arrest reports, mugshots, and criminal records.


Contact NewReputation today and receive a free proposal to remove court records from the internet.

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