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Mar 6, 2021 9:58:13 PM

Social media has become a major factor in our everyday lives. With this new facet of life came companies’ need to utilize social media as an effective business tool. I’ve seen companies try to use social media for only increased brand awareness, but that isn’t enough. 


Companies that properly utilize social media can track competitors, respond to customer-related inquiries, monitor their online reputation, and much more. It’s much more effective to use software to track these things than a team of people, and that’s where social suites come in. 


What Are Social Suites?


A social suite (otherwise known as a social media suite) is software that handles several aspects of a businesses’ social media needs. Depending on the provider, a social suite can manage, monitor, provide analytics, advertise, and give customer service, all on social media. 


Those are just what a social suite can do, but here are the actual benefits to a company that uses one:


  • Utilize social media marketing to reach a new and expanded audience
  • Reveal customer habits and what interests them
  • Track the company’s performance of social marketing campaigns
  • Track competitors and see their social media reputation.
  • Immediately respond to customers who have questions or complaints
  • Compile all of the company’s social media into one spot

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Why Should My Business Use A Social Suite?


A social media suite is a low-cost way to manage your business reputation and has the potential to reach a massive audience outside of normal advertising. In particular, small businesses can gain a lot from using a social suite, especially if their marketing team is limited in people. 


Everything in One Spot


Social suites put everything needed for a successful social media marketing strategy into one place for the ultimate convenience. Flipping between social network feeds to try and find mentions of your company is a pain. 


Using a social media information system to compile everything into one accessible hub streamlines the entire process. One person can pull strings on multiple social network feeds to schedule posts, communicate with customers, monitor analytics, and more. 


Manage Your Reputation


A social media reputation is a wild thing that can change quickly if you aren’t staying on top of it. Social suites provide online reputation monitoring so that any potential issues or negative feedback can be quickly resolved and corrected before they impact the company’s image. 


Customers don’t appreciate speaking to a brick wall, so seeing all of their communications with your company in one spot helps to make them feel heard and increases your positive reputation. Trying to handle these interactions by going from platform to platform is a quick way to fall behind. 


Expand Your Brand


You can easily utilize multiple social media accounts for your business with a social suite. This lets you optimize your presence by creating posts and advertisements across all of the popular social media and ensuring each new bit of published content is quality and not a rushed mess. 


This ability to quickly and efficiently expand your brand comes back to the company’s social media accounts' centralized hub. You can see everything at once, including your competition’s own attempts at branding. This lets you react and improve faster than them if they aren’t utilizing a social suite. 


Social Suite Features


Each company is going to have different needs when it comes to managing its social media suite. Make sure you choose a social suite product that has features that will most benefit what your company needs to succeed. 




Social media analytic programs help you to gauge just how well your company’s performance is by compiling all of the necessary information into easy-to-understand graphs and charts. This information is difficult to come by otherwise and is invaluable in deciding which marketing direction to take your business in.




Advertising on social media is the perfect way to increase knowledge of your company to people who normally wouldn’t have taken notice. Using a social suite allows you to schedule your ads, boost or promote your posts, and see just how successful your ads are doing. 


Customer Service


Engaging with your customers on social media has become a staple of good business. Using a social suite to track comments and alert customer service to questions or complaints is the best way to improve customer loyalty and increase your brand reputation.


Manage Your Accounts


It’s extremely rare for a company to limit itself to a single social media account. Jumping from one account to another to post the same message can be vastly improved by simply creating the post once and scheduling it across all of your accounts to release at the same time. 


Monitor Social Media


A social suite can compile information that is difficult to gather otherwise, allowing you to monitor your competition easily and track current trends. This type of information is perfect for figuring out how you may need to adapt your marketing strategy to achieve the desired results. 


Social Audit


Put simply; a social audit is a review of a company’s efforts involving social responsibility and the company’s overall impact. A social suite helps to cover how your business's social media usage affects the overall procedure. 


You will have all of the information required in one easy-to-access place, so making any changes will be simple instead of realizing one of your accounts is harming the company’s impact on society and digging around to figure out which one and why. 

Reputation Repair



A social suite is a great software management tool to help companies of all sizes take hold of the potential that comes from using social media. Properly utilizing these social solutions can lead to vastly increased success on the marketing front. 


The features provided vary a bit, so make sure to pick a package that suits your company’s needs. Being able to condense all of your social media into one space that helps to monitor your impact is a tool useful to just about any business entity considering it. 


If you’ve already made a few errors online or have a couple of negative reviews bringing your reputation down, then fixing that should be your first priority. NewReputation is a great resource to start turning things around and putting your business back on the right track. 

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